2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

Gang Unit Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Call-Outs Adult Arrests Weapons Recovered Search Warrants Executed Warrants Outstanding

The El Paso Police Departments Gang Unit consists of 40 Officers. The unit is divided into a marked suppression team which currently has 20 officers and two sergeants. The suppression team is a proactive unit responsible for targeting areas with an increase in gang violence. The unit primarily conducts traffic stops to identify gang members, gather intelligence, and locate weapons as well as narcotics. The suppression team has three SWAT officers as well as a SWAT sergeant. They play a very important role as it pertains to taking high-profile dangerous subjects into custody. The Gang Unit’s second team is the plain clothes investigators. There are 14 investigators and two Serious Habitual Offenders Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP) officers. The team also has an additional SWAT officer and SWAT sergeant. The investigators’

Organized Crime Division The El Paso Police Department’s Auto Theft Task

405 225 32 442

Mexico. The task force has a Crime Awareness Section that is responsible for providing education and public awareness at events to the public at places like schools, colleges, civic organizations, citizen police academies, and to other law enforcement agencies. The task force's Crime Awareness Section disseminates the MVCPA’s State of Texas message campaign of “If You Like it - Lock it”. The task force also conducts salvage yard inspections, southbound border checks at the U.S. Ports of Entry for stolen vehicles, 68-A Form inspections of salvage vehicles, assists with vehicle arson investigations, and provides Department training on auto theft investigations.

Force specializes in investigating motor vehicle crimes throughout the City and County of El Paso, Texas. The task force receives grant funding from the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA) and remains the only Auto Theft Task Force for the far western part of the State of Texas. The task force investigates the thefts of motor vehicles, fraudulent transfer of motor vehicles, thefts of auto parts, forgery of motor vehicle titles, vehicle insurance fraud, and recovery of stolen vehicles. The task force serves as a liaison with Mexican authorities and assists with the repatriation of recovered US stolen vehicles back into the US from

Auto Theft Task Force Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Adult Arrests Juvenile Detentions Call-Outs Vehicles Recovered Value of Recovered Vehicles 1,410 858 159 13 193 764 $10,179,128

53 33 27

primary task is to investigate cases involving discharge of firearms, aggravated assault with deadly weapons, deadly conduct, unlawful carrying of weapons, and any other offenses where there is a gang nexus. The unit works closely together in various operations to address high crime areas. Since 2019, the Gang Unit has been responsible for addressing the Cincinnati Entertainment District. The unit has conducted several joint operations with Constables, DPS, FBI, and Military CID to address the ongoing criminal activity involving military gang members. The unit has also worked RICO cases with the FBI involving the Gangster Disciples. The unit has also been tasked with addressing any gang violence in the local schools. The unit overall has played a major role in reducing the amount of criminal activity amongst gang members. The unit has been successful in getting numerous weapons off the street, which has helped slow down the violent crime and kept the community safer.


Felony Arrests Misdemeanor Arrests Total Arrests Currency Seized Marijuana Seized Cocaine Seized Methamphetamine Seized Heroin Seized Fentanyl Seized Narcotics K9 Marijuana Seized Cocaine Seized Methamphetamine Seized THC Seized Currency Seized

242 56 308

$636,956 380.05 LBS

119,970.08 G 264,319.28 G 2,179.01 G 11,950.56 G

Special Investigations Unit Cases Assigned Cases Cleared By Arrest/Warrant 66 10

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a division of the El Paso Police Department’s Organized Crime Division, and is primarily tasked with various aspects of homeland security, intelligence gathering, and related criminal investigations. Areas of responsibility for the unit include threats involving critical infrastructure and/or government facilities, acts or suspected acts of terrorism, hate crimes, school and active shooter threats, imminent threats to elected or government officials, civil disturbance or demonstrations, bomb threats, and working as the liaison to the Office of Emergency Management. The unit also investigates criminal misconduct allegations by public officials and public safety employees. SIU also participates with joint task force responsibilities with the FBI and HSI drone program and special projects. SIU oversees state homeland security grant management, city facility access control, and any other task deemed necessary by the Office of the Chief.

In 2021, The EPPD Narcotics Unit continued to face various challenges and changes in and around their area of responsibility. The unit continued to work with its law enforcement partners. The pandemic and immigration influx affected travel and various public policies, thus posing even more challenges and changes mentioned above. These challenges were acknowledged and the unit adapted as they do in any situation in their chosen portion of law enforcement. The unit remained focused on the basis of their assignment and developed strategies to address the continued flow of narcotics, even in these indifferent times. Even through these new and unforeseen challenges, the unit continued to perform, which is commendable!

Cases Cleared By Non-Arrest Cases Exceptionally Cleared Cases Unfounded Call-Outs Hours Manning the EOC Site Assessments

3 5

101.27 LBS 154.63 LBS 121,495.28 G 73,107.28 G $653,302

15 52 168 18


2021 Annual Report

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