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The Planning and Research/Risk Management section of the El Paso Police Department is responsible for research and preparation of complex and in-depth reports, audits, inspections, and projects involving department statistical information, policy, and procedures. The division is held to high standards to produce quality data, information, and resources for decision makers in order to improve the function of the organization. Planning and Research is in charge of producing reports requested by the city council, city managers, and other citywide and out-of-town entities. The section was able to accomplish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with the 2018-2020 Annual Reports in the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners' Annual Report Contests. Planning and Research is also responsible for tracking the performance of the Department as to how it meets or exceeds the goals set out by the Chief of Police and the City Manager's Office. In 2021, the section focused on ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the Department’s Procedures Manual. With

the coordination of many regions and units, and certifying the alignment with the Texas Penal Code, the section was able to release 204 new or updated Procedure Manual policies and 21 new or updated section operation manuals. To help guide the Department, 20 directives were also issued by the Chief’s Office through this section, as well as 16 forms for departmental use. While also being the managers of the Watchguard camera system, Planning and Research was charged with answering 434 open record requests, 52 law requests, and 29 litigation requests. Planning and Research is also responsible for the tracking of all Departmental employee movements, which includes transfers, separations, and promotions. In charge of handling promotions, Planning and Research held seven promotion ceremonies to celebrate 37 sworn members. For all personnel at the El Paso Police Department, civilian and sworn, there were a total of 397 personnel action requests that were diligently handled by this section throughout 2021.

The primary function of the El Paso Police Department’s Communication Division is maintaining radio communications capabilities. The Division maintains the radios for police officers and police vehicles. The division also works with other local and federal law enforcement agencies to strengthen communication in the City of El Paso. The Division assists with open records requests related to communications as well.

Policies Released Operation Manuals Released Directives Forms Released Open Record Requests Law Requests Litigation Requests Promotion Ceremonies Personnel Action Requests

204 21 20 16 434 52 29 7 397


2021 Annual Report

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