Healthy Kids Summer 2022

Stay Cool H

ydration is the ultimate key to summer safety, Lynn says: “It’s really sunny in San Diego and it gets hot. I’ve seen people have heat strokes, and it’s scary.”

She says parents should give children plenty of opportunities to rest in the shade and drink water during outdoor activities. She recommends having a cooler stocked with water and hydrating snacks, like oranges or sugar-free, fruit-based ice pops any time you plan an outdoor trip. If your child is an athlete, hydration is even more important. Athletes should drink plenty of water before a sport or activity, as well as after, to ensure their safety. “Overexertion is the No. 3 reason for emergency room visits for kids ages 10 to 14,” Lynn says. “It’s mostly from being out in the heat and not drinking enough water.” Adults should also stay aware of rising temperatures and know when to have children take a break from the sun.

DON’T LET THE BUGS BITE Banish the creepy- crawlies spoiling your summer fun

“As with anything, read the label.” She also recommends wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts to increase your protection against pests. Finally, read up on the areas you’ll be visiting to know what to expect. For example, areas with tall grass will likely have ticks that could put a real damper on your trip.

Mosquitoes have a bad rap but in San Diego, it’s actually ticks you need to look out for. Lynn says ticks are prevalent here, especially in inland areas such as the woods or mountains. So be prepared if you take your kids on a nature walk or hike. She recommends purchasing a bug repellent that’s effective against ticks but safe for children:

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