The Newsletter Pro September 2018




“I’M GLAD WE INTRODUCED THE NEWSLETTER TO OUR BUSINESS.” “The team at The Newsletter Pro is awesome! I’m glad we introduced the newsletter to our business. We have received a lot of great feedback from our clientele, and our business has been having an increase in referrals. The Newsletter Pro makes the whole process very streamlined and smooth and does not require a lot of time each month. These guys are great!”

– Chris Thomason Eagle Dental Care

I have a few cautionary lessons for you, your employees, and your loved ones to read.

I’ve altered the stories a bit to protect the guilty, but I’ve seen so many people make these mistakes that I figured it was time to write about them. MISTAKE 1: NOT DOING AS YOU SAY YOU’LL DO

I run across this all the time. Promises are made and rarely kept. Excuses seem to rule the day, but so few people realize how much this costs them.


I recently hired a temporary employee (not at The Newsletter Pro), and we set out a work agreement for them for a period of time when they needed some extra cash. The employee did a great job, and I made plans based on the amount of work they were contracted to do and the time frame we had agreed on.

“These guys are so professional and personal that I use them as an example for things to do in my own business to make my clients feel good! They are super attentive to detail and seem to care about really getting to know my business so they can strategize with me on my newsletters. They are always perfectly on time, respond to my emails immediately, and write and design super well. My clients LOVE the newsletters and tell me they’re the highest quality we have ever put out. And I hardly have to do anything. I would recommend these guys to anyone! Go for it!”


REFERRAL MADNESS Find Your ‘Referral of a Lifetime’

– Jessica Schatz Expressions Music Academy

When you do a web search on ways to boost your sales (that actually work), Google will serve up thousands of results telling you one big thing: You need a referral campaign.

And that’s true. Referrals are big for small businesses. When implemented correctly, referrals can become your bread and butter. But that, of course, is the challenge. How do you implement a successful referral campaign that makes sense for your business? This is one question Tim Templeton takes a hard look at in his book, “The Referral of a Lifetime.” Templeton, a renowned business coach, has been helping entrepreneurs and business leaders answer that question for years. He’s getting more referrals through their doors. “The Referral of a Lifetime” dives into one of the most important aspects of referral marketing: building relationships. Not only do you want to foster the relationships with the customers you already have, you want to foster relationships with the people whose business you really want.




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