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M ay is usually pretty busy for me. There are a few big dates that swing around this time of year — Mother’s Day, my anniversary, and my wife’s birthday. It can be a maddening time trying to figure out what gifts everyone would like. For years I used to tell Anne, “What do you expect from me; you’re not my mother.” But I learned pretty quickly that wasn’t right. Now, I coordinate with my daughters to put something nice together for her. This year will be our 22-year anniversary. When we first got married, it was on a Saturday, and the next day was Mother’s Day. It was pretty nice that, as we were leaving for our honeymoon, we made sure to have flowers delivered for our mothers. Now, when we celebrate our

was able to marry us, though, and it all worked out.

So, when we renewed our wedding vows a few years ago, I pulled out all the stops. I was able to buy her a real diamond engagement and wedding ring, and we exchanged vows in a church. We also threw a big reception and invited a ton of people. Anne says I tend to go over the top, but it was a blast!

When it comes to Mother’s Day, I really appreciate having my mom, Linda, here with me. I enjoy sending her flowers every year and just celebrating her for a day. For Mother’s Day one year, just after my dad had died, we got her

anniversary every year, we also send our moms flowers — it’s a good tradition we keep. For one of our anniversaries a few years ago, we renewed our wedding vows. When I first proposed to Anne, I did it on a whim, and I

a puppy and it really helped pick her up. Another time, back when I was kid, I remember I wrote her a song and played it on my guitar for Mother’s Day. When I finished, she applauded and thanked me, telling me it was great, but she’s deaf and didn’t hear any of it. Thinking back, it was pretty hilarious, and I wonder what mom was thinking at that time.

It can be a maddening time trying to figure out what gifts everyone would like. “ ”

When getting something for my wife, I’ve found it helps to work with my daughters to come up with a great gift for her. She never wants me to be extravagant, but I tend to be that way. I like to give gifts in a fun way! One year for her birthday, I was able to pull off a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” -themed gift where she had to answer all these questions to get gifts. She would answer the easy questions first and get things like a candy ring or a candy

didn’t have a ring. Then, instead of buying a ring, we put a down payment on our first house. For years she had a fake ring, and it was nice but not the real thing. We also had a bit of a hard time getting married. There was a priest who refused to marry us because, while Anne was a devout Christian, I didn’t go to church too often. My uncle

necklace. Then she’d answer the harder questions and get a real ring and a real necklace. She was going to get all the gifts anyway, but I felt it was much more fun to give them to her that way.

This May, I encourage everyone to celebrate the mothers in your lives! Surprise them with a creative gift to show how much you love them.

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