Ceannas Company Brochure

Welcome to Ceannas

changes to key aspects of leadership behaviour can have an exponential impact. Keep it Simple: There is no need to use ‘management speak’, technical language, or reference to complex leadership theories when seeking to improve leadership behaviour. There is no such thing as the perfect leader: There is no singular model of leadership to which an individual must aspire. Leadership behaviour isn’t fixed: Leadership behaviours can and need to change throughout a leader’s life depending upon context, experience and insight. Even the best leader has something to learn: The most senior and effective leader can benefit from identifying small, unexpected and high yield changes to their leadership behaviour. Our role is to listen, learn and understand the ambitions of the leaders within the company. By using the Ceannas approach we help them build a set of explicit expectations that will consistently guide and inform the leadership behaviour of everyone in the organisation.

One of the key drivers behind the establishment of Ceannas has been to fundamentally challenge the idea that leaders need to be ‘transformed’ in order to become more effective. This premise assumes that a leader’s current practice is deficient, ineffective and in need of a complete renewal. The Ceannas approach builds from who you are, first and foremost, as a person, and then seeks to build a deep self awareness of your own assets and default leadership behaviours. Our practice is to help Leaders develop a unique personal development strategy founded upon small, practical, observable and achievable changes to leadership behaviour. THE CEANNAS PHILOSOPHY: Personal ownership of change: The most powerful force for change in leadership behaviour comes from within the individual. Leadership Effectiveness is not dependent upon personality: Leadership is not the sole preserve of the assertive, the charismatic or the extrovert. Less is more: S mall, highly focused, and achievable


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