2022 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #1

EDU-2 Training Information was provided on NIST O ffi ce of Weights and Measures (OWM) trainings o ff ered in 2021 along with upcoming trainings in 2022. Updates to the laboratory metrology program, laws and metric program, legal metrology device program, and fi eld inspection trainings through NIST OWM were provided. NIST OWM Liaison provided comments on possible in-person training with class sizes limited to four (4) persons. NIST OWM is exploring hybrid-learning options, the possible o ff ering of videos and on demand trainings to meet future training needs. NIST OWM is in the process of creating an on-site training studio to enhance virtual training and production of training videos. EDU-3 Instructor Improvement I t was reported that no new work was completed in 2021 due to in-person training restrictions during the pandemic. The NIST OWM plans to continue collaboration e ff orts with external trainers in 2022. Appreciation was expressed to those trainers and organizations who participated in trainings. EDU-4 Topics for Conference Training An overview of recommended topics for conference training was provided by the PDC. Previous training topics

were discussed and the PDC solicited recommendations for future training topics PMT-1 Safety Awareness The PDC announced the new Safety Subcommittee Chair, John Bell (MO) who briefed the members on activities of the Safety subcommittee. The Annual Safety Awareness survey is being revised and will be sent out to state directors once fi nalized. Once comments are received, these will be consolidated for presentation at the 2022 Annual Meeting. The PDC expressed the appreciation for members who have previously served as regional safety representatives and for those who contributed to safety-related articles for NCWM newsletters. PMT-1 Skimmer Education Task Group The PDC reported the SETG continues educate, promote awareness and share information regarding payment card skimming and theft. At the Interim meeting, Linda Toth, managing director of Conexxus, provided an informative presentation the role of EMV is playing to reduce skimming incidents, status of this transition and how other technology factors can help reduce the risk of payment card fraud. The SETG has identi fi ed a potential speaker specializing in security for either the annual meeting in July 2022 or the

Speaking as an inspector we do not want to wait 5, 10, and 20 years for the “go ahead” so regulators are allowed to do their job, regulate! That is counterproductive to our Motto: That Equity May Prevail! In fact, it puts Equity on Hold! Maybe it’s time to revamp our motto, from “MAY” prevail, to “SHALL” prevail! - Ivan Hankins NCWM has the ability to publish our objectives in our own publication. We will be able to act on changes in market place, in a timelier manner than we are doing presently. Here’s a thought; Maybe it’s time to revamp our motto, from “MAY” prevail, to “SHALL” prevail!

Ivan Hankins Chairman For the Sake of Equity!

Professional Development Committee Interim Summary

David Aguayo, San Luis Obispo County, California, Committee Chair

The 2022 Professional Development Committee (PDC) Interim Report consists of six (6) informational items. A PowerPoint presentation was provided to membership by PDC members providing details on each item. The presentation, with associated detailed statistical information, is available on the NCWM website under the PDC 2022 Interim Report. The Committee will continue their work on the analysis of this data to determine any future need for adjustments to exams. The Safety Awareness Subcommittee and the Skimmer Educational Task Group under the PDC, provided updates during open hearings. Information on all agenda items provided by the PDC are summarized below .

EDU-1 Professional Certi fi cation Program Updates were provided on the progress of the professional development exams and certi fi cate issuances by exam type and by jurisdiction, including recent trends due to proctoring requirements and pandemic restrictions. Information was provided on the progress of future exam development. The PDC discussed alternatives to assist jurisdictions in meeting the proctoring requirements including virtual proctoring which was initiated in May 2021. The PDC discussed the possibility of using the exams for service agency licensing for registering technician in multiple states.

NTEP Column NTEP Now Accepting Applications For Evaluating Two New Devices Types Darrell Flocken, NTEP Administrator

The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) is o ff on a running start in 2022. We are happy to announce that NTEP is accepting applications for the evaluation of operated Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems (EVSE), and Single Draft – Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Scales. Please read on for more information on these new device types.Please read on for more information on these new device types.

Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems : On November 1, 2021, NTEP announced that we would begin accepting applications for the evaluation of EVSE, AC charging devices. This was possible because of the hard work of the NTEP Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment Work Group in completing the Publication 14 checklist for evaluation of these devices.

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2022 Issue 1

2022 Issue 1

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