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A question for you

How do you define success? Money. Satisfaction. Achievement. Status. We encourage you to read the following with an open mind and a willingness to consider how you might redefine and re-channel success to ensure it’s sustained and heightened beyond your current definition.



The programme…

We run programmes for both individual executives looking for enrichment and self-development and for teams within corporates who need to reconnect and enhance productivity and delivery.

As individuals – redefine

As teams – refocus





An introduction




Meet Enrichment delivered by the best in class. Your executive coaches for the next 6 to 10 months who will redefine and refocus your energy and efforts – leading to a more rounded, more successful and most importantly more fulfilled individuals and teams.

Hilary Rowland

Peter Hyson

Cesar Gamio

George Anderson





Meet Hilary

Hilary Rowland has been a seasoned and valued business adviser and executive coach to numerous leaders in businesses over the course of a career in organisations such as the BBC and PWC where she was a Director, as well as CEOs of SMEs, chairing groups for the Academy for Chief Executives and Vistage. She is now the Co-Founder of Next Chapter Retreats – the Executive Retreat Company with Peter Hyson, author of ‘Live the Work You Love’. She builds on a career in strategy focused senior leadership development, transformation consultancy and programme management with acclaimed results with clients such as Legal and General, World First, NHS London and Defence Scientific Technical Laboratory (DSTL). A thought leader with a collaborative and facilitative management style reporting at Board level. As Director of Next Chapter Retreats she designs and delivers retreats for senior executives which focus on purpose, direction and wellbeing to enable them to continue to be successful. People come on the retreats with a variety of needs and motivations – career change, stress and burnout, looking to retirement, post- business exit, and building a more successful business. She writes for a number of publications including Brainz magazine.

Meet Peter Peter Hyson draws on extensive knowledge and experience gained across multiple industries from public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He has worked on community cohesion in a northern city, led mass consultations across the US and coached many senior executives. He’s the author of two successful business books and is appreciated for wisdom, challenge and support. An acclaimed expert in Change Management and Organisation Development, he now specialises in helping individuals gain new focus and direction around finding their purpose. He brings creative insights, fresh thinking and powerful storytelling. Peter has also volunteered at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics; the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow; and the 2015 Rugby World Cup, keeping alive his wide sporting interests that started as a professional swimming coach and covered rugby, badminton, squash and rowing.



Meet Cesar Soon after earning his degree in International Business Management from universities in the United States and Japan, César led a successful career in two Fortune 500 companies in the technology & communications industry for 15 years, holding executive leadership positions in various regions across the world. César is now an adjunct professor at IE Business School, a Corporate Wellness Specialist certified by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (U.S.A), and an Executive Life Coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Under the training and personal guidance of Dr Deepak Chopra, the global leading authority on mind-body medicine, César became a Senior Educator for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. He also serves as Senior Advisor to the London- based Global Centre for Conscious Leadership. For the past decade, César has been providing workplace wellbeing and change management consultancy, facilitating workshops, webinars and coaching executives across multiple industries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America. César lives in England with his wife and two children.

Meet George George’s 20 year career in the wellbeing industry combined with his experience and education in behavioural sciences such as positive psychology, mindfulness, NLP and neuroscience coaching, uniquely position him to help individuals make changes in their lives both practically and mentally. He has written for many of the major national fitness publications, is a regular contributor to the BBC and writer for Balance magazine, and runs a thriving online wellbeing community of over 5000 members. George regularly challenges his own limits, and has completed two 24 hour 100 mile ultra marathons, an ironman triathlon and 10 consecutive marathons. He recently published the Work In Progress journal, and is the host of the A Bit Of A Boost podcast.





The context There is much evidence to show that senior executives have been more adversely affected by the conditions brought about by the pandemic, especially those showing concern for the workforce. The effects of the pandemic for example, stress and possible burnout have been gradual, and many senior executives expect to carry this sort of emotional load. This is bound to lead to a falloff in performance as people are either unwell or not functioning at their best. This programme represents the opportunity to invest in yourself or your senior team for the sake of themselves, their families and the business.

The evidence We invite you to read our recent published White Paper – the context, the issues, the risks and the opportunities that present themselves are all explored.



Is this programme right for you?

Embarking on a programme of self-discovery, self-enrichment and self- fulfilment is not for the faint hearted and it takes commitment and courage. – High achieving in every aspect of your life, you’re driven and determined. – You give your all to everything you commit to. – You care about those around you and you’re empathetic and fair. – You also know deep down the life you’ve got is precious and fragile. We simply ask you this… Can you sustain the life, work, home and achievement goals you’ve set yourself at the current rate and pace in which you work and live? There is no weakness in admitting things might need to change. Quite the reverse. You’re brave enough to recognise sustaining your success might well be the challenge you need to tackle. But here is the beauty – you can sustain your success but in addition you can heighten it further for the benefit of you, your team, your family and friends. Let us equip you in the how.





What you’ll enjoy about the journey ahead…

Working with specialists and high performing liked minded people You’ll enjoy and seize the journey ahead whether it be refocusing or redefining

You’ll wish you’d done it 10 years sooner You’ll feel informed and better equipped You’ll enjoy some time out You’ll love the process, even the most challenging parts You’ll step up and be accountable You’ll feel the support and friendship of your cohort Most importantly you’ll feel special, unique and fulfilled


We exist for senior and successful executives who seek further development and enrichment. We truly believe ultimate success doesn’t need to be at ALL cost. Your health, your family time, your sanity. We help you protect it. And then enhance it. We deliver connected, holistic self-development programmes - linking every element of personal development, wellbeing and mindfulness that connects the power of the brain, mind, body and soul. We help you discover, develop and achieve sustained, heightened success.

Let’s join the journey together. You won’t regret it.


Contact Hilary Rowland 07834 601 550 Hilary Rowland

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