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The MADE0S A Geological Map for the Missourian and Desmoinesian on Eastern Oklahoma Surface

FIGURE 4. Map Colors Key. Map

explanation and color key for the Missourian/ Desmoinesian outcrop maps of Eastern Oklahoma. In the final MADEOS Map (Figure 6), each geologic lithic unit has been separated out from their original formations and redefined to their individual formational members.

Figure 6. Geological Surface Map of Eastern Oklahoma (MADEOS)

FIGURE 5. Missourian/Desmoinesian correlations map on Heckel’s 2013 eustatic sea level curves. Illustration copied from Heckel’s 2013 Eustatic sea level chart and each marine cycle displayed on the sea level chart has been interpreted and color coordinated to match the Pennsylvanian marine outcrop belts on the MADEOS map and the Map Colors Key (Figure 4).

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