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small amount of protein every three hours throughout the day to curb the habit. I suggest combing the aisles for either pure protein powder to put into smoothies or deli-sliced chicken. If protein powders and chicken aren’t ideal, then jerky offers very little sugar and carbohydrates. Protein bars, however, can be packed with carbs, so if you’re a fan of those, be sure to scan the labels carefully. If you’re a pasta lover, I recommend that you make your own sauce with tomato paste, olive oil, bell peppers, parsley, basil, and fresh garlic. It might be a little higher in fat, but it’s perfect for a fun pasta dish. However, if you need a prepared option, Rao’s is great because it’s one of the few low-sugar sauce brands. Edamame pasta offers many of the same benefits and tastes just like whole-wheat pasta. In the dairy section, you can find great sources of protein and nutrients in cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and eggs. If you are a protein shake fan, I recommend these three brands: Muscle Milk, Premier, and Ripple. Avoid milk as much as possible because even fat-free milk is loaded with sugar. For a great milk substitute, I recommend unsweetened almond milk. It’s always safe to avoid the soda aisle, but if you have to venture over there, Propel Zero and Gatorade Zero are excellent sources of energy due to their high electrolyte concentration.

As spring weather approaches, many people are reevaluating their eating habits with their wardrobes in mind. And since American Diabetes Association Alert Day is around the corner on March 24, there’s no better time to do so. Unfortunately, most food brands claim to be healthy, so it can be hard to determine just what to buy. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, so we want to showcase some of the tricks and tips we recommend to our diabetic patients! When you’re grocery shopping, take a minute to search for what you need in the refrigerated sections. If you’re looking for high-protein foods and vegetables, then refrigerated options pack more bang for your buck in comparison to frozen ones because food companies typically pack frozen goods with a lot of sugar to maintain a long shelf life. It’s also important to stay away from rice and potatoes as much as you can. A lot of doctors tell their patients just to avoid sugar, but potatoes, rice, oats, and other popular pantry foods are high in carbs. When people eat meals with a lot of carbohydrates, the digestive system breaks them down into sugar. If you can’t avoid those high-carb foods, then try to eat them earlier in the day and keep track of how many carbs you eat throughout the day.

We should all have an emergency snack or drink stashed away for a quick boost of energy. For those moments, amino acids and branched-chain amino acids are a great source of natural energy. You can find them as a powder, and they taste great in any drink you sip on throughout the day. worry about is sweeteners. With your morning coffee, stay away from high- sugar sweeteners like Splenda and use unsweetened almond milk or Stevia. Throughout the day, if you like to drink something, water with lemon or lime is fine. If you’re a tea fan, always go with unsweetened tea due to the high sugar content in sweet tea. Although these suggestions seem daunting, plenty of recipes out there make sticking to a healthy diet easier. For more helpful tips and guidance, be sure to check out our cookbooks, which have plenty of diabetic-friendly recipes! You can find them on our website at fit-recipe-guide-cookbook or If you find yourself in the coffee aisle, the only thing you need to

If you can’t kick your late-night sugar and carb cravings, try indulging in a

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