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The CDC Launches E-Scooter Study And the results are terrible...

Got travel plans for the summer? Taking the family on a fun-filled vacation? On a recent trip to Scottsdale, I was amazed to find these electric scooters (e-scooters) everywhere. You literally couldn’t walk down a sidewalk without seeing these tempting toys on every corner. Hey, it’s only $1 to unlock and then $.15/minute froma scooter-sharing company. Let’s be honest, my inner teenager really wanted to take one for a ride. Fortunately, my wife knows what’s best for me… The Center for Disease Control has formally launched a study into the rise of e-scooter injuries. Here’s a sampling of the findings so far: • Most accidents involve hitting a bump. • Very few accidents involve cars. • 98%of riders were not wearing a helmet.

• 48%had a blood alcohol level above legal limits. • 52% tested positive for an illicit substance. • One hospital admitted 249 patients with e-scooter injuries in one year. Currently there is no data if those injured on an e-scooter would do it again… Now go out there, make wise choices, and enjoy your summer!


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