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highs look forward to Wednes­ day night prayer meetings be­ cause they have their own sepa­ rate s tudy and prayer time, geared to their interests. Junior highs in that same church wel­ come the practical helps they re­ ceive in their midweek studies on how to study the Bible. An occasional in-depth study in Sunday evening youth programs challenges teens to “ get into the Book.” For example, one group spent the entire hour studying the book o f Philemon. Some of the teens wrote a brief modern- day skit based on the book; others discussed the issue of slavery, and still others researched what the book teaches about Christ, sin and salvation. Then the groups shared their findings. They did these things right in the youth program while seated around tables. An­ other group did an exploratory study o f Ecclesiastes. Introduce youth to out-of-the- ordinary opportunities for Bible study. A church in Dallas, Texas, found that their s en io r h igh young people welcomed the op­ portunity to study Bible doctrines in a special class on Tuesday nights in the home of the youth director. This was a kind of “ home Bible” class for teens. Many young people have been refreshed spiritually as they have taken part in a Christian fellow­ ship group at school. In these groups the teens eat lunch to­ gether and then briefly share their observations about a Bible passage they study together. Christian students in secular colleges often welcome informal Bible studies such as those af­ forded in fellowship groups by Campus Crusade, Inter-Varsity, The Navigators, or denomination­ al “ student centers” on or near the college campus. Various o p p o r tu n it ie s for group Bible study such as these help encourage youth to study the Scriptures on their own. UE Reprinted from Youth and The Church by permission of Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois.


on the sHouldersj o f America’s parents, « r horn® have been ii a state of steady neclineland del cay an^Hhe children of a fern years a B are the youth leaden of today. I remind you of Eli, that great old gracious man of the Olf Testament, yet who male the f f l tal mistake of never »straining his sons from I doing I evil and brought judgment upon himself and upon the peopl^K God cause of his negligence o f his p a ^ ental duties (I Sam. 3:13). Blame for a great deal o f the disrespect for law and order, the violence and demonstrations going on in America today must be laid at the roots o f the American home where children have not been taught dis­ cipline; they have not been re­ quired to obey. Their whim has been satisfied. They have ruled the home contrary to the Word of God and now we have a genera­ tion of irresponsible lawless young Turks on college and university campuses who do not know their place, nor what are their legiti­ mate rights and what are not, and who even feel they should run the universities o f Which they are a part. The parents are tear­ ing apart America, and God only knows what the future holds for us in terms of a few years from

Dr. Bruce W. Dunn is pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois. W HO IS TEARING APART AMERI­ CA? The validity o f the sub­ ject is beyond question. The events of last summer (67), in­ deed of the past several years, would indicate that America is being tom with dissension and strife. I believe we can point the finger of blame at various places. We would remind you that there is a law of God written into all o f life which we call the law of sow­ ing and reaping. “Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap” and “ he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap cor­ ruption” (Gal. 6). What is true of man individually is true o f the nation collectively. I f we sow bar­ ley, we will reap barley. If we sow wild oats, we will reap wild oats. If we sow the wind we will reap the whirlwind. The events of to­ day cannot be fully understood or appreciated except in terms of what we sowed last year, or 5, 10, and even 20 and 30 years ago. Where lies the blame for our con­ fused, chaotic America? I . America’ s Parents The blame first should be placed



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