King's Business - 1969-05

nist’s subversion. Self-confessed criminals are turned loose on the streets, permissiveness is the or­ der of the day toward looting, rioting, and general disorder. All of this is declared to be caused by reasons other than man’s sin­ fulness. Society is to blame rather than the individual. And so when you ask the question, “W ho is TEARING APART AMERICA?” , you would have to say, not only the parents, and the courts, but bas­ ically the ideology, the theology, the belief of liberalism regarding man and his nature. Another emphasis of liberalism is that government, rather than the individual, is responsible for meeting man’s needs and improv­ ing his environment. Another part of this picture is the fact that many liberals are constantly apol­ ogizing for America and acting as if we are responsible for all the ills of all the world. They urge us to give away our money and re­ sources to raise the standard of living everywhere. Other nations could work and build a great na­ tion and civilization as did our forefathers here. We would not have to dissipate our resources in food and money when they really cannot do the job that needs to be done. IV . The Church This ideology of liberalism has now become the dominant position in the visible organized church. The ecumenical steam roller is largely directed and moved by leaders holding the previously stated positions. For this reason we would have to say that the church also stands indicted as helping to tear apart America. Church involvement in political and secular affairs is now to the point that we have churches mak­ ing their sanctuaries havens for draft dodgers and draft card burners and some openly advocat­ ing the use of church funds to pay the fines, etc. of the law breakers. The churches, through some of their leaders, thus become a part o f the whole scene of disobedi­ ence and disrespect for the law THE KING'S BUSINESS

far higher than is written in the Scriptures or that history or ex­ perience would warrant. This mis­ conception o f the nature of man has far reaching effects socially and politically, as well as reli­ giously and morally. There is no question about that. According to this view of man, there is noth­ ing in human nature inherently wrong or to block endless achieve»- ment toward a great and good so­ ciety. There is no innate defect or corruption in man to keep him from becoming a good citizen. All we need is to educate him and to improve his environment. Then we’ll have the great and perfect society. According to this view of things, all those evils of society like crime and delinquency, war, hunger , unemployment, urban blight — all these things are the result of ignorance and faulty so­ cial institutions and we can get rid of them by education and/or legislation. If this is true, then it follows that we have no rational foundation for blaming criminals for their crimes, teenagers for their muggings, hippies for their dope, the non-workers for their joblessness, the city dwellers for the decay of their city or the Com­ munist party for Communism. It follows also that th ere is no ground for pun ishm en t. We should adopt a permissive attitude toward the erring citizens of the community. All bad political ide­ ologies, whether it is Mau Mau, or Communism, or dictatorship, should be explained as the effects of hunger and poverty. The lib­ eral’s solution to all this is plenty of foreign aid, plenty of money, plus reforms which would raise the standard of living and elimi­ nate the tendencies toward tyr­ anny and war. Thus you see that there is a theological basis for much that is going on in the field of crime and punishment, law and order. Decisions by a Supreme Court heavily weighed with men com­ mitted to liberalism’s view o f hu­ man nature are decisions that cod­ dle criminals, that continue to minimize the threat of Commu­

wife and five children confessed it, admitted it freely, and now walks the streets in freedom be­ cause o f a recent decision of the Supreme Court. It is the same Su­ preme Court which has said the Bibles and the prayers must be taken out of the schools. Surely some accusation can be laid in that direction for tearing apart America. This is the Supreme Court which time and time again has rendered decisions in favor of Communism, making it easier for them to do their vile work in our midst, striking down laws against subversion on all governm en t levels, and in so many ways mak­ ing it easier for the Communist apparatus to continue to do its work in undermining the struc­ tures of American life. Most re­ cently they have struck down rul­ ings that would prevent Commu­ nists from being employed in de­ fense industries. It should be clear that Supreme Court d e c is ion s have certainly not been coming to us from Mt. Sinai. Yes, I think you would have to say that the Supreme Court has been doing its share in tearing apart America. The judicial system more and more ties the hands of our police departments, and discourages our law enforcement officers. Under­ standably, they feel there is little profit in arresting anyone because a light penalty or no penalty is meted out and the offender is on the loose again. III. Liberalism But what makes the Supreme Court what it is? The answer is an ideology, a theology if you please, a political ph ilo s oph y which goes under the name of liberalism today. Liberalism is tearing apart America. For many years now our political institu­ tions, our educational system, our most influential opinion molding news media and much o f our re­ ligious leadership have been domi­ nated by men of liberal persua­ sion and ideology —. and hear me now — one o f the main tenets of liberalism is a high view o f man, his nature, his potential — a view 16

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