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cal instruction and guidelines presented to them on how to be the group and remains with them for the week. There is a very flexible program for Bible study and discussion. All studies and discussions center around the topic of Families in the Bible and practical emphasis on how to live and communicate together as families. The learning structure in this camping experience is unique in that it includes all members o f a family that is both family and Christ-centered. It cannot be as­ sumed that families just evolve and naturally know how to live together as Christians. They need training in what the scriptures teach about the home as well as how to live in this way. What can be done to help the families in to­ day’s church? What means can be used to make family life an adven­ ture that is cherished by wife, father, child and even the teen­ ager? A specialized type o f family camp is one o f the answers that may help to enrich family life. Many families send the children and youth to camp which can be a life-changing event. But in ad­ dition to the regular camping pro­ gram there is a new type o f camp­ ing to consider, the Church Fam­ ily Camp-out. This is a family camp in the true sense of the word. Many families from the church plan portions of their va- cations to coincide with it. They select a camp site in the moun­ tains somewhat isolated from the main stream of life and at the same time comfortable in terms of some modem conveniences. They camp here for a week in either tents or trailers. But they do things together as individual family units. They stay together as a family; they cook and eat together as a family, and they study and have recreation togeth­ er as a family. Either the pastor o f the church or a speaker who is qualified to work with families accompanies

I N N O V A T I O N Ira L e a r n i n g

CHRIST CENTERED CAMPING FOR EVERYONE Hume Lake Christian Camps, America’s most scenic conference center, is located 65 miles east of Fresno in the Sequoia Na­ tional Forest. The Center is divided into three separate camps: PONDEROSA for high school and college, MEADOW RANCH for junior high, and WAGON TRAIN for juniors 8-11. Adult confer­ ences are held in LAKEVIEW CHAPEL. Those wishing reservations, brochures, or further information should contact: Hume Lake Christian Camps, P.O. Box 2267, Fresno, California 93720. Phone: (209) 237-0251. Refresh Spirit, Mind and Body at In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Scranton, Pa. and Binghamton, N.Y. Over 60 nationally known speakers, musicians — Adult conferences all sum­ mer, also special Pastors-Wives week, Chil­ dren’s Camps, Writers’ Conferences, Teens- Youth Directors Conference. Summer sea­ son: June 28 to September 1. Winter week­ end program October to April. Motel, Ho­ tel and Cabin accommodations. Excellent food. Sports, Swimming, Family rates. Write for free brochure and rates. Americans K E S W I C K Whiting, New Jersey 08759 Where God Speaks to Hearts Nine Christ-exalting Bible Conferences, May 29 through September 1. 1969. Also year-around accommodations for Christian groups, families and individuals. Located 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, one hour from Philadelphia, two hours from New York City. Hotel, motel and camping facilities. Delicious food served family style. Complete sports facili­ ties. Swimming and boating in fresh wa­ ter lakes. Horseback riding and hiking on forest trails. Come and learn the scriptural secret of victorious living — “ To me to live is Christ’* (Phil. 1:21). CANNON REACH RIRLE CONFERENCES June 23-27 ...........Village Missions June 28-July 5 ...........Verla Pettit July 5-12 ..John K. Moore, Scottish July 12-19 .......Harold Wildish of Jamaica July 19-26 ....Dr. J. Vernon McGee July 26-Aug. 2 . ..Dr. John Hunter Aug. 2-9 .....Dr. S. Lewis Johnson Aug. 9-23 .....Dr. J. Sidlow Baxter MONTROSE BIBLE CONFERENCE Montrose, Pa. 18801

F a m i l i e s a n d C a m p i n g by NORMAN WRIGHT T oday ’ s fam ilies are considered fractured organisms that are gradually disintegrating. In­ dividual household members live under the same roof but lack the unity and cohesiveness character­ istic o f a healthy family unit. Many families within our church­ es reflect this malady and the symtoms are glaringly obvious. Family specialists have suggested prescriptions but the remedies have either not been accepted or not allowed. A family consists of individuals who know and love one another. They communicate with and are concerned about each other. For the family that is Christ-oriented there should be love and accept­ ance of each member, with an at­ mosphere that is conducive to in­ dividual growth both in terms of healthy personality and spiritual advancement. The ability to pray in the presence of another mem­ ber is a characteristic as is the regular pattern o f Bible instruc­ tion and discussion. Family and individual problems should be dis­ cussed with each seeking to as­ sist the other. Quite o ften the family en­ trenched within the church is the worst offender for family unity. Part of this can be traced to in­ dividual members being too in­ volved in activities at the church at the expense o f the family. An­ other reason for family disrup­ tion and disharmony may be attri­ buted to the fact that the family has never really had the practi­

Cannon Beach Conference Center, Box 398, Cannon, Beach, Oregon COMING EAST THIS SUMMER ? visit Beautiful, exciting R IVER VALLEY RANCH

Turn back the clock a hundred years as you drive into the authen­ tic Western Town and experience a “breath of the Old West.” Enjoy the warm, Christian atmosphere amid sights and sounds of happy living. 60 horses, 500 acres, beauti­ ful pool, rodeos, excellent Staff and food. Guests Ranches for youth 7- 17. Write: River Valley Ranch, Millers, Md. 21107. 28


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