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( Here's an IDEA: Use GUIDE TO SURVIVAL as a Manual for your BIBLE STUDY CLASS, Sunday School Class or ADULT Fellowship. Quantity Prices below! ) NOW! FOR THE FIRST TIME

This book HAD TO BE WRITTEN! Current world events are already shaping up to world chaos. There is only one GUIDE to SURVIVAL! God already provided the answers. And now for the first time... you can read these answers skillfully arranged with easy-to~read instructions that can mean to you and to your unsaved loved ones a GUIDE to SURVIVAL!

WHY THIS BOOK IS SO VERY IMPORTANT! For years the author has been burdened to write a SIM PLE... STEP BY ST EP... PICTO-PAGE outline on the NEXT COMING EVENTS and place these in an easy-to-read handbook he calls GUIDEBOOK TO SURVIVAL You Should Make Sure Right Now that everyone of your loved ones Have This Bookl Tell them—if they don't believe God's Word— to Just Hold On To This Guide To Survival. For there will come a day In the not too distant future— when Christians will van- ish from this earth. And non-believers will have no where to turn! GUIDE TO SURVIVAL can be the means to Directing Them To Christ. It will be worth its weight in Gold.

The Book that tells you HOW THE WORLD WILL END! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Salem Kirban is also the author of GOODBYE MR. PRESIDENT. . . a Private Citizen's report on world conditions. This book is part of the Library of Presidential Papers. GUIDE TO SURVIVAL tells in detail how the World will END I 275 pages. Over 50 photos and exclusive charts I



G U ID ETO SURVIVAL Current news events that reveal shocking fulfill­ ment of God's prophecies What steps caused the President of the United States to spend VS MILLION dollars to protect his life? The Crime W ave... what new statistics reveal that can prove disastrous. The new films that tell all... in all their lusts and nuditity and why the public "eats it up." What doctors warn about the new music of today's youth that can make them old men "overnight". The Super Church and recent events that most people are unaware is occurring, and how these events have already fulfilled prophecy. The Atomic Scientist DOOMSDAY CLOCK and their grim view of the future. DESTINY DEATH What little publicized threat can cripple our nation in the next 10 years? How nylon stocking s disappeared on several hun­ dred women "in a flash" and why this event can kill a nation. The changing weather pattern across America and the world and what significance this has to Scriptures. What dreaded inheritance the above hold for us in the year 20001 Earth's umbrella and when it may collapse. Are our modern inventions a blessing or a curse? The heart transplant and other modern medical miracles. Are these miracles or are they hasten­ ing the time when the world will end? What fantastic simple arithmetic spells DOOM for the world? CIVILIZED CRUELTY Is the "long night about to end"? What industry will rack up nearly S 1 billion dollars in sales and why does this reflect on an "in­ human" civilization? • New medical findings find "old diseases" returning more virulent and more rampant. What relation are these findings to prophecy in God's Word? The Berlin W all... a well known fact... but there are other Walls equally as deadlyI What secret "miracle killer” in error released by an American plane revealed gruesome conse­ quences of war that our country has developed for mass destruction? Science-fiction is tame compared to today's weapons of terror. One of the cheapest, easiest, most versatile ele­ ments of destruction ever devised and why its reign of terror is so deadly... and who uses it now! Marriage... .a sacred tradition____or "old fash­ ioned" and on the way out? POW ER THAT DESTROYS Is this trip necessary? How a $3 million dollar jet carried one tuxedo! The growing threat of growing power in the White House. Why it is symbolic of the Last Days. Recent actions that indicate we are not a "repre­ sentative" nation. What one force drives candidates to run for ] President____a force most people often over­ look! What famous phrase did Lord Acton say many years ago. that sums up today's political struc­ ture? What shocking fact about the U.S. budget have j most people failed to realize? And what does this fact have to do with the coming of the End of the World? A little known word that spells mammoth conse­ quences of tragedy! Astronomical... that's the word for it! The Democratic Convention... does it parallel prophecyon thé Last Days?

22.000 hours of what? You'll be shocked and ] surprised! THE VANISHING MILLIONS One of these days millions of people will suddenly 1 vanish! Why? and How? What will this mean to 1 you ifyou still remain on earth? Blaise Pascal’s reasoning____and why you should I consider it. What facts of Scripture reveal why the Bible is I true? And in light of the above... .how can we know | exactly future plans for America and the world. 1 Why the rainbow is important and why its promise I brings similarities to today's chaotic world. ONE—The magic number that spells impending 1 doom! SIGNS of Christ's soon return. No guesswork.... I but specific signs and their relation to Scripture. 1 The Plan for DISAPPEARANCE____in exactly what I sequence itwill occur. THE DATE that Christ will return... .Can this date j be foretold exactly or at least, can it be ap- ! proximated? You'll be surprised at how soon the S Rapture of believers may occur. I SAW THE SAINTS RISE The Sequence of events when Christ meets the 1 Believers in the Air... .commonly known as the I Rapture of the Saints. Written in novel form, this story will send chills up | and down your back. Written as though it were occurring today and [ prophetic paragraphs are supported by relative I Scripture references. THE MAN OF P EA C E... .becomes the World's I Greatest Tyrant The coming Man of Peace and why he is really a 1 Prophet of Doom. What very significant occurrence will identify this j wolf in sheep's clothing? And why you won’t 1 believe it even when you see it happen! The greatest Imitator in the world! Why his popularity will lead his gullible following ] to destruction. THE JEW ... and why he will be a willing pawn in i this Man of Peace's hand! THE JEW 'S heritage in ISRAEL and why Russia I will seek to gobble it up! The actual sequence of events that this false hope will be perpetrated! Who is the Man of Peace? This book helps you | identify him. THE FALSE PRO PH ET... .Miracle Worker and I Executioner Who is this False Prophet and is he living today? Where will he come from? What unusual events will convince the world he is | sent from God? Is Elijah reincarnated the False Prophet or does the | False Prophet imitate him? Making a DEAD MAN come ALIVE! And how the | False Prophet will actually work this miracle! What is the difference between the FALSE | PROPHET and the ANTICH RIST? And why is it important to'know this difference? If you see the FALSE PROPHET will you have I missed God's RAPTURE of his Saints? FALSE SECURITY The Tribulation Period... .what is is. when it will I occur and how long it will last! What major event in ISRAEL will usher in the ] Tribulation? Why that event could occur at any time! What seven elements of destruction will plague ] Israel when it does occur? Step by step accurate predictions of each of these i events plus source references from God's Word a to back these statements.

Will the Man of Peace who brings Death and Destruction be a President of the United States? What important moves that Russia makes toward Israel sat the Prophetic Tima Clock moving again towards Armageddon? la there more than one maior war in the Last Days? PASSPORT TO FREEDOM The Most important Chapter m this book* Step by step outline on how you can avoid the Last Days. Is there honestly and truly a Heaven other than "heaven on earth"? Is there a real, literal Hall? Is the Bible part truth and part fiction? Was the Bible simply written by a group of man giving their ideas about Christ? Are many of today's ministers putting you on the straight road to Hall? If the above is true... does God predict this in the Bible and where? The most important decision in your life!

The Man of Peace makes a complete turnaround! Why this change of face will spell horror for the I Jaws and Gentiles alike! What tragic identifying symbol will be used in this 1 tragic 3 Vi year period? What events occurring right now are reminders of I this dreaded symbol? How God will react whan these events of the I Tribulation Period occur. What two saints come back from the dead and what 9 mission they will accomplish on earth. The truth about the 144.000 Jaws that will be I evangelists in the Tribulation Period. Will they reallyexist? Will they acknowledge Christ as their Saviour? Do these 144.000 Jews play an important part in I this time period aforementioned? THE GREAT WAR Why today's wars are child's play compared to the I GREAT WAR. Armageddon— fact or fiction? What events will cause the Great War? What casualties will the Great War inflict? Will anyone living today taka part in the Great War? Will the Great War spall victory of DOOM for Israel and the Jaw? How many will be killed in the Great War? Whan will this Great War occur? THE DAY RUSSIA DIES Whydoes Russia have her eye on Israel? What events will cause Russia to invade Israel? Will Russia invade Israel? If Russia invades Israel... .will she succeed? Will the United States exist during the Last Days of this invasion? What part will the unique European Federation of States play during this sequence ofevents?

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