King's Business - 1969-05

"I believe the life of C hrist IN STEREO will make publishing

history. It is the first true harmony o f the gospels! It constitutes a major breakthrough

Earl D. Radmacher, President Western Conservative

Baptist Seminary Portland, Oregon


Johnston M. Cheney Author Stanley A. Ellisen Editor

The first true harmony of the gospels! Here in one volume, the four gospels are meticulously and completely combined in one true harmony. The result is a four-dimensional view of Christ in stereo, not four solo parts arranged in four parallel columns. It uses the exact words of the four gospels, blend­ ing all of the details into a single composite portrait. That is, it uses all of the inspired records, and only the inspired records— adding nothing and omitting no details. A study tool of incomparable value! It is not another gospel nor a paraphrase of the gospels. It compiles in chronological order the four gospels into a stereoscopic portrait of Christ. Thus, The Life of Christ in Stereo becomes an excellent tool for every pastor, teacher and student in com­ paring the composite whole with each of the four gospels. No Christian home should be without it. Nothing like it has ever been available before! Comprehensive interweaving of 4 accounts! This is the only interweaving that completely and comprehensively incorporates all of the details with­ out omissions or duplications. The result is a remark­ able work which reaffirms the principal evidences of

the supernatural authorship of the gospels and the Deity of Christ. What’s more, seeming discrepancies and inconsistencies disappear. It has already un­ covered such startling discoveries as a four-year chronology of the ministry of Christ rather than the traditional three-year chronology. Product of 20 years’ research, compilation! It took compiler Johnston M. Cheney 20 years to complete this work. This involved careful adherence to the original grammar of the texts and consulting over 20 extant translations and revisions. It included over two years of laborious checking and editing by Dr. Stanley A. Ellisen and Dr. Earl D. Radmacher of Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Port­ land. Now for a limited time you can get your own pre-publication copy at a savings of $1.00, hard cover or paperback.

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Gentlemen: ( ) Enclosed $3.50, saving $1.00 for hard cover copy of "The Life of Christ in Stereo,” add 25c for postage. ( ) Enclosed $1.95, saving $1.00 for paperback copy of “The Life of Christ in Stereo,” add 15c for postage.

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