King's Business - 1969-05

some choose their college this way! Do you remember what happened to the three blind mice? Don’t shorten your "tale” of life’s effectiveness. Selecting the right college is your most important investment for the future. It's easy to become trapped by nibbling at the bait of exaggerated claims. Prayerfully and carefully, look at all of the considerations. “How solid is the foundation on which you’ll be building?” What will happen a year or so from now? Suppose in a biology course somewhere a convincing professor tries to persuade you that Christianity can be disproven in the test tube. Do you know how to refute argu­ ments like that? What about outer space? Is there really some force holding things to­ gether? Too many before you have believed their doubts and doubted their beliefs. Take off the “college-selection blindfold." Ask some who have gone through it. A solid Bible foundation is your most im­ portant investment for the future. No matter where you go, or what you do, nothing can

begin to match the years in solid biblical training you’ll receive at ABC. This is no trap. It takes only a 6« stamp to request a free descriptive catalog. You be the judge. g IN ALL THINGS HE ARIZONA U .. - I— Eg BIBLE 2j y p COLLEGE o J Ï 3025 w. M c D o w ell O m ROAD PHOENIX, • PR E EM I N EN C E ARIZONA 85009

T he crowd stands waving and shouts “ ole!” on a warm Sunday afternoon in a sandy bullring. Does that remind you of anything? Do you think o f Ernest Hem­ ingway and his love for the cor­ ridas or does your mind turn to El Cordobés and other bullfight­ ers, assuming you are their fan? Maybe you recall the picture o f

nimble Jacqueline Kennedy biting her fingernails as she watched that bullfight in Spain. It reminds me, however, o f re­ vival in Latin America! We Latins are that way—excit­ able. The spiritual revival that is sweeping our continent like a prairie fire strikes me just that way—exciting.



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