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prophecy fo v c v $ / / The Second Coming of Christ is near! Each fulfilled prophecy hastens the return of the Son of God. World tensions continue to mount, bringing this age to a sudden and calamitous close. Keep Scripturally informed monthly by the

You should come and sit on the platform o f any one o f our cru­ sades. You would view faces and absorb some o f their irrepressi­ ble inner power—Holy Spirit fire. Consider the singing at the cru­ sades. I speak o f genuine Latin American and not transplanted Anglo-Saxon music. It is so con­ tagious that it catches you up and sweeps you onward. It is not nec­ essarily beautiful, but it is honest, real, and expressive. I understand that Cliff Barrows liked some of our choruses so much when he led the singing with the Billy Graham crusades, he had them sung on the “Hour o f Decision.” This music is simple in structure, sim­ ple meter in the Latin hymnology, and too repetitive, but it abounds with now-found life. It holds great meaning to the believers. We love a faith that is warm like the love o f God. We think the Gospel is warm. Jesus Christ loosed us from the dead religion which our poor grandparents had to endure. It’s good to sing and shout about it. Who says God lives in a damp, dark, dead cathe­ dral? That’s what we came out o f ! Who wants to crawl back into such spiritual freezers? Cont. on Page 36

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MAY, 1969

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