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The Challenge o f the The IBJM, a ministry endorsed by fundamental Christian leaders, has 37 capable and consecrated missionaries on every continent. They report glo­ rious conversions and unprecedented opportunities for work among Jews. Your prayers and interest are vital to the continuance of this task of getting the Gospel to multitudes o f Jews around the world. Write today for free copy of our magazine THE EVERLASTING NATION" President, Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus Chairman Advisory Board, Dr. Robert G. Lee International Board of Jewish Missions, Inc. P. 0. Box 1256, Atlanta, Georgia 30301


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Cont. from Page 33 Yes, this sweeping, surprising revolution in my continent is a singing revolution. Singing and revival seem to go together. “ Latin America is the most ex­ citing mission field in the world today,” was Billy Graham’s ver­ dict at the Berlin World Congress on Evangelism. Have you ever heard a Latin preacher? They sound somewhat like orators; like old-fashioned politicians, or blend o f poets and crowd-intoxicated haranguers. Sometimes it is overdone. There

are so many verbal flowers! Some­ times that is all we offer—just flowers. But there is more to us than flowers. There is passion in our preaching. We believe Spurgeon and Moody and John Wesley must have preached that way. Other­ wise, how could they have moved the thousands? There is insistence on the basics o f God's Word. We believe in inspiration and we feel its authority. Today in Latin America theological liberals are so few in number that it is they

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