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who feel “ the squeeze” from us— the majority. The liberals’ radi­ calism never brings a soul to Christ. We like to see real deci­ sions. That is part o f the revival. Our continent is now aflame. We’re seeing results. We have conversions by the thousands every year. So intense is the growth o f many churches (statis­ tically five times faster than the population growth across the con­ tinent), that our crucial need is the lack o f Bible teachers. This vacuum frightens many leaders.

Revolution “Ole!” indeed, when you realize that ours is “ a con­ tinent o f kids.” Over half our population is under 21. In Costa Rica, Central America, half o f the population is under 17! Our spir­ itual revolution is em bracing youth. It is also being led and pushed by youth in many areas. The fastest-growing Evangelical church in the continent is in Co­ lombia. Young men and women are the bodies in Colombia. They have vision despite persecution. Cont. on Page 40

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