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B O O K S Cont. from Page 3b The content o f the book focuses on the rationale between man’s knowl­ edge o f creation and the Scriptures. Many illustrations are given to sup­ port the author’s conclusion that re­ cent advances in science have in­ creased the agreement between the Scriptural account o f creation and man’s knowledge of creation derived from scientific pursuits. The emphasis in discussing crea­ tion are physics, astronomy and math. However, one chapter each is devoted to the areas o f the creation o f life and the creation o f man. A final chapter includes a clear presentation o f the universal need o f man for a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the meaning o f L ife through Christ.— 240 pages; cloth; Zondervan Publish­ ing House, Grand Rapids; $4.95. Re­ viewed by Robert F. Crawford. DEMON POSSESSION by John L. Navius Originally published in the late 1800’s, this volume is a classic on the important subject o f the power of Satan in the world today. A mis­ sionary in China for almost half a century, the author relates personal experiences, showing authentic case histories. Other illustrations are tak­ en from missionary endeavors in In­ dia, Japan, and Ceylon. It is clear that there are many manifestations which only can be attributed to the demonic power. Devil worship seems to gain ground throughout the world with people interested in ESP and other such extra sensory operations. — 368 pages; cloth; Kregel Publica­ tions, Grand Rapids, Mich.; $4.95. THE ADJUSTABLE HALO by Ken Anderson. 303 pages; doth; Word Books, Waco, Tex.; $5.95. Having been born and reared in the midwest, the author takes fam iliar settings for his latest novel representing an adventure in faith. The story seeks to present a frank treatment of real life situations. TOHGUES, HEALING, AHD YOU by Don W. Hillis. 63 pages; paper; Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Mich.; $1.00. Frequently the tongues movement comes to the floor in theological groups through­ out the nation. The Associate Director of The Evan­ gelical Alliance Mission deals scripturally with the subject as well as the aspect of healing. The book is small but w ill be a real encouragement for those who are confused on these important matters. CONFESSIONS TO A COUNSELOR by Victor Matthews. 96 pages; paper; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich.; $.95. These are days of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual problems. How to answer questions asked often confuse the average layman and even pastor. The author, who is a member of the faculty of the Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Grand Rapids, deals straightfor­ wardly with some of the troubling problems of the day. BOOK ENDS_____ (A Review of Current Publications)

I ean9t teach Beginners! Sh-h-h-h . . . they might hear you ! Trusting, eager to please, quick to learn, lovable— that’s your Beginner. God is telling him about His wonderful world through his senses. The child delights in the new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures he discovers every day. It’s not hard to teach him that God his heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ love him. Not with the varied lesson approaches and correlated learning activities provided in Scripture Press All- Bible Graded lessons. Why not try teaching Beginners our way? They’ll love you for i t ! ■■■■■■■■■ W ÊBM I H M ■ PUBLICATIONS. INC. ■ Dept. KBA-59 i n © a Ä SCRIPTURE PRESS Wheaton, Illinois 60187 1 H ^ g p j i I’d like to see how even I can teach Beginners-your way/ Send your free "proof" Sample Packet. No obligation. Name

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