King's Business - 1969-05

tem is switchable, so that during the hours of darkness the signal is beamed to China and Russia. During daylight hours, North and South Korea are blanketed with radio outreach. TEAM Radio is broadcasting in six languages 23 hours a day. The Omaha Gospel Tabenacle of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Omaha, Nebraska will conduct its 35th annual Okoboji Lakes Bible and Mission­ ary Conference in Arnolds Park, Iowa, August 1-10. HAROLD R. COOK, director of the de­ partment of missions at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, was named 1969 Moody Alumnus of the Year. MR. AL SANDERS, Vice Presdent of Public Relations for Biola Schools and Colleges, La Mirada, California, and ra­ dio voice of “The Biola Hour,” was named Alumnus of the Year at the school’s recent homecoming exercises. Mr. Sanders has been with Biola in the Public Relations and Radio Department for eighteen years. In making the presen­ tation, DR. SAMUEL H. SUTHERLAND, President of Biola, saluted Mr. Sanders as “ being a man who has attempted many great projects and ministries and has been successful in seeing them suc- DR. W. STANLEY gin on July 1. “ Dr. Mooneyham has lived in the Orient for the past year and has had the opportunity to visit many World Vision ministries,” stated DR. RICHARD C. HALVERSON, who made the an­ nouncement. Dr. Halverson has been World Vision's acting president since the resignation of DR. BOB PIERCE. DR. WILLIAM JOSEPH HEMPHILL, who for the past 12 years was pastor of the San Gabriel Union Church in San Gabriel, California, has announced his resignation, due to ill health. The church this year is observing its 20th anniver­ sary. Dr. Hemphill in 1949 came as Min­ ister of Youth and assistant to the late DR. RALPH E. STEWART. He became pastor in 1956. Dr. Hemphill received the Doctor of Divinity degree from Biola College in 1960. Word of Life Publications, a joint mis­ sion effort of The Evangelical Alliance Mission of Wheaton, has undertaken the production of nine years of Sunday school materials in the vernacular lan­ guages. The final phase of production is now under way with completion sched­ uled for the end of 1969. THE KING’S BUSINESS MOONEYHAM has been n amed presi­ dent of World Vision International. He is cu rrently vice -presi­ dent in charge of In­ ternational Relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associa­ tion. His work with World Vision will be­

Back to the Bible Broadcast marked its 30th Anniversary of broadcasting on May 1. The ministry was f o u n d e d by DR. THEODORE EPP in Lincoln, N e b r a s k a . The 30-minute pro­ gram has an inter-

________________________ national release of Dr. Theodore Epp more than 3520 pro­ grams each week. Back to the Bible sponsors broadcasts in 26 foreign lan­ guages and provides Bible correspond­ ence courses in nine languages includ­ ing English. WALLACE E. JOHNSON of Memphis, Tennessee, president of Holiday Inns of America, Inc., was elected chairman of the board of the Laymen’s National Bi­ ble Committee. The Committee was formed in 1941 to encourage greater interest in Bible reading and study. It sponsors the annual National Bible Week and a variety of educational programs. Bible Week this year will be November 23 to 30. Evangelist LUIS PALAU of Overseas Crusades was the main speaker at the Missionary Conference of Dallas Theo­ logical Seminary held in March. The gen­ eral theme was "Evangelism at Home and Abroad.” Mr. Palau is working with a six-man team holding mass evangelis­ tic crusades in all of the 22 Latin American countries. Los Angeles Baptist College, Newhall, California, has announced several addi­ tions to the faculty for the Fall semes­ ter. MR. PETER KOBE, a graduate of Tay­ lor University, will be Assistant Profes­ sor of Music. MR. PAUL DeSAEGHER, currently the Christian Education Direc­ tor at Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park, California, will become assistant professor of Christian education. Mr. DeSaegher is a graduate of Westmont College and Talbot Theological Seminary. Central Bible Church of Portland, Ore­ gon, will host the 79th annual Bible and Missionary Conference of The Evan­ gelical Alliance Mission during May. More than 100 missionaries and candidates are expected. Special Bible teacher for the Conference features the REV. RAY­ MOND C. ORTLUND, pastor of the Lake Avenue Congregational Church, Pasa­ dena, California. Radio Station HLKX, a ministry of the Evangelical Alliance Mission in Seoul, Korea, moved into expanded transmitter facilities. The new powerful antenna sys­

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