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JOIN THE A.E.C.C. If you have been called to preach an evan­ gelical message, associate yourself with' a recognized Church Body which will provide you with all the rights of the Clergy arid at the same time allow you to teach or preach without being restricted by man-made doc­ trines. Send stamp for literature. American Evangelical Christian Churches 192 North Clark St., Chicago, III. 60601 THE CONVERSION CENTER A soul-winning mission to Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people. t

WE FIRE WRITERS! What on earth are you writing these days for Heaven's sake? If you want to write persuasively . . . for the sheer joy of it . . . and for money too, the CHRISTIAN WRITERS GUILD can fire you with enthusi­ asm for developing your talent. Our heme- study course of instruction costs only about S3 per lesson. And you can start selling immediately as our news reporter in your area. Get fired! Write today for REE talent test: CHRISTIAN WRITERS GUILD, Dept. D, La Canada, California 91011.

500 million Roman Catholics lost without love, trapped by traditions, paralyzed by popery, deceived by the Devil. 47.000 priests, 138,000 nuns dedicated to “ MAKE AMER­ ICA CATHOLIC.” Will vou help keep America free to evangelize the world? Pray, f ive, write for soul-winning material. • W. Eagle Rd., Harvertown, Pennsylvania D R . HAR LIN J . RO PE R’ S THROUGH THE BIBLE STUDY by Chester Larson Q. You speak o f a week at a Chris­ tian Camp as two years o f attend­ ance in S.S. What are some bene­ fits of a Christian Camp?

Give out the Word

Chapter-by-Chapter Study of the WHOLE B IB LE For Sunday Schools • Groups • Individuals — Write for FREE folder — THROUGH THE BIBLE PUBLISHERS 4032K Swiss Avenue • Dallas 4, Texas “ A VACAT ION WITH D O U B L E V A LU E " CHRIST-CENTERED CAMPS and CONFERENCES for the entire family MOUNT HERMON CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE CENTER Mount Hermon, California >5041 m u g - F R E E TRACTS FOR LOST CHINESE Postage Paid CHINESE GOSPEL CRUSADE P.0. B « 42-MS Miami, Fla. 33142 INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 107-K N. Hale St., Wheaton, Illinois 60187 ENTERING: NEPAL Also Working in North and South India East and West Pakistan Write for FREE Literature

Enclose with mail, pass around, 24 pages of Salvation Scriptures. Send $1.00 for ppd. sample lot. L I T T L E B I B L E S Box 6 3 6 5 Glendale, Calif. 9 1 2 0 4

A. “ Come and See how Christian­ ity really works” is the unwritten invitation to a well-planned Chris­ tian camp. For at camp boys and girls see Christianity being lived out in daily actions. Campers are not only spectators, but partici­ pants! Christianity is put to the test as young people learn to get along with others in work, play, and group-living. For the first time, many boys and girls see the rela­ tionship o f Bible truths to daily life. At camp, children see counsel­ lors as true friends and as Chris­ tians who live what they teach. In the informal atmosphere, many find it easy to ask questions about God and His plan for the world and for individuals. There’s time also to consider one’s own need for a personal Saviour. Many chil­ dren — young people too — ac­ cept Christ as their Saviour dur­ ing days at camp in God’s out­ doors. Bible study is often more mean­ ingful at camp, too. A concentrat­ ed day-by-day study is more ef­ fective than a half-hour each Sun­ day with a six-day gap between classes. Nightly cabin or dorm devo­ tions naturally encourage camp­ ers to establish habits o f daily prayer and Bible reading. Give your Sunday school pupils an opportunity to see how Chris­ tianity really works in everyday life.

Reach Children! 6 •pages — 3 colors

50 for $1.00 100 for $2.00 postpaid 1000 for $17.50 postpaid CHUR CH PRESS Box 551 Glendale, Calif. 91209

Classified Ads 15 CENTS PER WORD — MINIMUM $3.00 Bibles and Books RELIGIOUS BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD! Any book reviewed or advertised in KING'S BUSI­ NESS available from Kregel's Book Store, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503. Bibles Rebound W rite for illustrated price list from Nation's larg­ est Bible rebinding specialists. Work Guaranteed. Norris Bookbinding Company, Box 305 *K, Green­ wood, Mississippi 38930. Miscellaneous Witness With Scripture Tracts. 100 assorted— 25 cents; 500 assorted—$1.00. Scripture W it­ ness, 102 Sussex St., Newton, New Jersey 07860. Help Wanted Mature Christian staff workers needed for large rescue mission. Board, room and compensation. Single or married. W rite, P.O. Box 202, Seattle, Washington 98111. Nurses Needed Immediate openings for Nurse's Aides with or wilhout experience. On the job training. A won­ derful opportunity for ministry in a Christian atmosphere. Good salary and fringe benefits. Licensed Assistant to Director of Nursing also needed. Call or write: Junette Johnson, R.N., Administrator, Alliance Convalescent Hospital, 1505 Colby Drive, Glendale, C alif. 91205. Phone: (213) 247-4476. Perfect Your Publications Christian Layout A rtist, 16 years experience in religious editing, creative paste-up, and litho­ graphic camera work, at your service. Larry Asman, 335 N. La Reina, Anaheim, Cal. Phone: (714) 826-0242.

RUSHING TO RUSSIANS with the Gospel for over 85 years. Rus­ sian Christian leaders are trained at the only Russian Bible Institute in the world; in Argentina. Your assistance is needed. Write for FREE Slavic news magazine reports. SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION Pater Deyneka, General Director Dept. K ^¿4iiiN ^^edzie<^ lv d i^Chicagoi^ IL B6064j



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