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F requently we are asked if it is true that the Unity School o f Christianity o f Lee’s Summit, Mo., teaches the Hindu doctrine o f trans­ migration o f souls. Space permits only a few quotations from Unity authorities but they will serve to prove that this repulsive, unscrip- tural concept is indeed part and parcel o f the Unity creed. Unity S t a t em e n t o f Faith de­ clares: “ We believe that the dissolu­ tion o f spirit, soul and body, caused by death, is annulled by rebirth o f the same spirit and soul in another body here on earth. We believe the repeated incarnations of man to be a merciful provision of our loving Father to the end that all may have opportunity to attain immortality through regeneration, as did Jesus” (p. 4 ). Hebrews 9:27 refutes this: “ It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this, the judgment.” Unity in s i s t s that Jesus went through many incarnations, taking the forms o f Moses, Elisha, David and others. “ These were His days at school,” states Unity, Vol. 14, 1901, “ and he arrived at a state o f con­ sciousness, while manifesting as Jesus o f Nazareth, where he remem­ bered past lives” (p. 149). I Cor. 15:1-4 tells us what really hap­ pened : “ . . . Christ died for our sins . . . was buried . . and rose again the third day.” The complete story is in the Four Gospels. Ernest C. Wilson’s writings be­ came textbooks for Unity. Following are excerpts from his book Have We Lived. B efore? “With each degree o f dawning spiritual consciousness we are coming closer to that great ulti­ mate, the incarnation of Christ . . . Our human incarnations "are steps along the way to the great incarna­ tion . . . Reincarnation is the gospel o f the second chance . . . God’s loving answer to that universal cry o f the human heart distressed by its miss­ ing of the shining mark . . . Imag­ ine some circumstance taking a per­ son into the beyond in the midst o f a busy life . . . Is he not likely to seize the first favorable opportunity o f re­ entering the portals at birth? . . . You will continue your progress from the point you left off and rear a new body . . .” (pp. 61-99). But God says: “Now is the ac­ cepted time; now is the day of salva­ tion” (II Cor. 6 :2 ).

New! HANDY SIZE EDITION THE NEW SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE WITH CONCORDANCE T his spring for the first time you can select a compact, light­ weight edition o f the best-selling evangelical study Bible, ideal for personal use and for every gift occasion. The Handy Size N ew S cofield is complete with Con­ cordance, New Oxford Bible Maps with Index, and all the popular study features o f the Large Size Edition. The King James Version text is printed in highly legible type on Ultrathin Oxford India paper. Similar in page design to the Large Size Edition, the Handy Size N ew S cofield is available in four distinctive styles and a selection of colors, including a white binding for bridal use.

French M orocco, gold edges. B lack , B lue , or R ed . 09153x. $16.95 White French M orocco, silver edges. Family Record. 09155x. $18.00 Cowhide, leather lined, gold edges. B lack , B lue , or R ed . 09158x. $22.00 Natural Morocco, leather lined, gold edges. B lack , B lue , or R ed . 09159x. $25.00

1,600 pages; 16 pages of New Oxford Bible Maps with Index. Size: 5*/s x 7 V 2 , only 7fa" thick. Each with ribbon marker; 09159X with two ribbon markers. ------- ACTUAL TYPE SIZE--------- 7 «Lift up your heads, O ye sate and be ye lifted up, ye everlastir doors; and the 'King of glory sha come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? T1 L ord strong and mighty, the Lot At your bookseller



MAY, 1969

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