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A full - page advertisement appeared in the November 18, 1968 edition o f the New York Times and certain other large metro­ politan newspapers surrounded by the names and addresses o f what was purported to be over four thousand clergymen through­ out the United States who endorsed its contents. It- reads: “Millions of Americans are distressed and confused by the political and economic drift to the left by the National and World Council of Churches and the open effort being made to soften up church peo­ ple to accept Communism as merely another liberal movement.” It was a most devastating statement. In a very positive way it showed up the whole ideology of both the National Council of Churches (N.C.C.) and the World Council o f Churches (W.C.C.). It is indeed difficult to understand why so-called intelligent in­ dividuals who are supposed to be good American citizens and who consider themselves Christians could possibly follow the line of thinking as expressed by both the N.C.C. and W.C.C. After a meeting of the General Board o f the National Council o f Churches held in February, 1968, the Board issued a major policy statement in which it “ calls on the United States to adopt new foreign policies ending its reliance on the military.” It advocated that the United States “ avoid provocative military action against mainland China . . . press for the admission of mainland China into the United Nations . . . recognize the government of Cuba and acknowledge the existence of the East German democratic republic . . . remove restrictions on imports from Communist countries and on cultural exchanges between the United States and the Soviet Union.” One shudders to contemplate the end result if the United States were to adopt a policy ending its reliance on the military. In a world composed of pagan nations that know nothing but the power and final authority of armed might, it is impossible to come to any conclusion other than that these leaders o f the N.C.C. would have our beloved country come under the domination and be in complete subjection to the whole system o f Communistic ideology. The whole history of Communism has been nothing but control by force. One has only to remember the rape o f Hungary in 1956 and the latest Russian take-over o f Czechoslovakia to realize what are the goals of Communism. Yet these members o f the N.C.C. would have us end our reliance on the military, press for the ad­ mission of China to the United Nations, recognize the Communist government o f Cuba and East Germany, and invite Russia to come


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