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and help itself to all that the United States possesses. Open and avowed traitors o f our country could not ask for any more than this! Then the leaders o f the National Council of Churches went to Uppsala, Sweden in July of 1968 and participated in formulating a series o f recommendations coming from the World Council of Churches. These included the proposal that “ Christians should urge their government to accept the rulings of the International Court o f Justice without reservation;” to endorse the Marxist philosophy “ from each according to his ability to each according to his need and to adopt “ the principle o f civil disobedience to draft laws by conscientious objectors, giving sanction to non-participation in particular wars for reason of conscience.” These theories to which the National Council o f Churches agreed in Uppsala and which evidently the members would try to push upon the American public are frightening in the extreme. The idea o f the United States sur­ rendering its sovereignty to accept the rulings o f the International Court o f Justice without reservation is nothing less than trea­ sonous. Yet these religious leaders would gleefully sell us as a nation into complete oblivion by advocating the Marxist philosophy of “ from each according to his ability to each according to his need.” It is too horrible to contemplate what would be the end re­ sult if an International Court of Justice could act without reserva­ tion in distributing the world’s wealth by taking it away from those who have and giving equally to those in need. With more than three billions o f people in the world today, it would mean that each person would be allocated just a few hundred dollars. All would be brought to the economic living level o f those in the most benighted areas o f the world. This is exactly what the National Council of Churches would recommend if it had its way. The newspaper advertisement referred to above states that in an official publication of the National Council of Churches entitled, “The Nature of Council Statements,” its recommendations are made “for the purpose of influencing public opinion.” It was re­ ported in the New York Times that policy statements would be sent to “ the President, his advisors, members o f Congress, Secre­ tary General o f the United Nations, party platform committees, and leaders of Protestant and Orthodox communions, the Jewish Community, Roman Catholic Church, World Council o f Churches, and other appropriate bodies.” To think this is the outfit to which the majority of the largest Protestant denominations belong and are making its continuation possible by their support is almost too much to be imagined! This is the end product o f the largest mass ecumenical movement. No one is accusing the leaders in the Na­ tional Council o f Churches o f being Communists, but it is per­ fectly evident that the Kremlin, Mao Tsi Tung, Castro, and all other world Communist leaders could not be made happier by any pronouncements that they themselves might make than they are by the declared intention of the National Council o f Churches and its worldwide counterpart, the World Council o f Churches. We object to their claiming to speak for the Protestants of the United States. We object to their profaning the high and holy calling of the Gospel ministry by generating this sort o f anti- Christian ideology. We object to their trying to sell our liberties and provide us absolutely nothing in return. Most of all, we object to their doing all of this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity. To us such an attitude is not only treasonous; it is blasphemous, and will bring down upon its perpetrators and par­ ticipants the righteous judgment o f a holy God. H b [

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MAY, 1969

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