King's Business - 1939-02


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By Edgar Newton This is a true story. I know this man personally. I know of the folks he has helped with his money-making plans. I know of widows with children to sup­ port who thank him for their cash incomes. I know of men who lost their jobs, but were able to make more money than ever before. I can tell you of men and women who live better be­ cause of the opportunity this man gives them to add to their earnings. Yes, I know of literally hundreds of folks to whom this man’s idea of doing busi­ ness has been a God-send. Do You Need Money? Perhaps you, too, are in urgent need of money to meet pressing bills. You may have some spare time you want to turn into cash. Then you will want to write this man at once. There will be no obligation on your part. Costs you nothing. He will write and tell you about a wonderful opportunity he has for you and how others who were hard pressed have found relief with his commonsense plans.

has an opening for someone right in your own or nearby locality. To every one who accepts his offer he guaran­ tees a fair, square deal and an amazing opportunity to make money in a pleas­ ant, dignified, easily handled business of your own. Everything you need is sent to you. You don’t need experience. The few things you need to do are written down in simple, plain language. Just say you are willing to give his plan a fait trial. This is your real chance to make up to $27.50 in a week even in your spare time, either daytjme or evenings. If you decide to continue with the business you can devote full or part time the year' ’round and enjoy big cash earnings. Your earnings will be in proportion to the time you can devote. I know of any number of peo­ ple who have reported making $40, $50, $75 and even more in a single week. Such exceptional earning re­ ports show you the wonderful possi­ bilities. Earnings Start at Once I sincerely ask you to fill out and mail the coupon. You don’t obligate your­ self or risk any money. You will re­ ceive complete details by mail.. Then you can decide if you want to start right away.. Here’s a chance to make the money you need and make it at once—without waiting. It will cer­ tainly pay you to give this offer a trial. Better sit down and write your name and address on the coupon or on a penny postcard and mail to this man at once. Just address E . J . Mills, 9208 Monmouth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, and say, “Send me free facts about your plan.”

E . J . M IL L S

He is president of a large, mil­ lion-dollar manuf a c t ur i ng company which does business in every section of the country •—in your very locality. This company started more than 30 years ago with an IDEA. That IDEA was this: “We’ll help worthy people who are in need of money. Our proven plans shall be given to the deserving so they, too, can have money.” The business prospered. It became most

tremendously suc­ cessful. And today it is still growing.

E. J. MILLS, President 9208 Monmouth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio

Would This Opportunity to Make up to $40

Yes, I want to make money. Without cost or obligation, send me full details of the wonderful opportunity now open in my locality. *

in a Week Help You?

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Ri ght now Mr . Mills n e e d s 300 m o r e me n and women in all parts of the country. He

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