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F inancial D igest

CERTAINTY IS a partner that knows “good enough” never is.

You know there are no easy answers in commercial real estate. At Berkadia, we work relentlessly to identify investment assets, secure financing and service your loan for its duration. That tireless approach is designed to remove doubts every step of the way— so you can execute with certainty. See how our corporate values deliver value for our clients: www.berkadia.com

BERKADIA.COM a Berkshire Hathaway and Leucadia National company

Commercial mortgage loan banking and servicing businesses are conducted exclusively by Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC and Berkadia Commercial Mortgage Inc. Investment sales/real estate brokerage business is conducted exclusively by Berkadia Real Estate Advisors LLC and Berkadia Real Estate Advisors Inc. In California, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC conducts business under CA Finance Lender & Broker Lic. #988-0701, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage Inc. under CA Real Estate Broker Lic. #01874116, and Berkadia Real Estate Advisors Inc. under CA Real Estate Broker Lic. #01931050. For state licensing details for the above entities, visit: www.berkadia.com/legal/licensing.aspx. © 2017 Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC. Berkadia® is a registered trademark of Berkadia Proprietary Holding LLC.

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