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Myers represents The Bun Shop in Baltimore lease Cushman WaNefield closes 2. million sf Mid-Atlantic industrial portfolio

ALTIMORE, MD — Cushman :aNefield announced that it re- centl\ closed the sale of a maMor 0idAtlantic industrial portfo- lio on behalf of its client, TA Realty . 7he bu\er was interna- tional private equit\ investor, Colon\ 1orthstar. 7he maMorit\ of the portfolio, .4 million s/f, is concentrated in the greater %altimore metropolitan area with the remaining 400,000 s/f located in 3hiladelphia and 'elaware. Cushman :aNefield has been involved with the proMect since its inception, having as- sisted with individual building acquisitions, leasing and prop- ert\ management. At the time of the final sale, the portfolio was 4% leased to 64 tenants. 8pon closing, Cushman :aNefield has been awarded the propert\ management as- signment for all 0 facilities. ´7he scale of this portfolio sale, along with other activ- it\ in the marNet this \ear, reinforces that the %altimore :ashington region is ver\ at- tractive to real estate investors focused on consumer driven B WASHInGTOn, DC — ANelius acquires 68 apart- ments in :ashington, 'C. %oth of the properties were built in . 7he properties are located five Nilometers east of the :hite +ouse in close proxim- it\ to Capitol +ill and the + 6treet corridor. Capitol (ast Apartments are located at 86 ( 6t. 1( and features 0 units 58 th 6t 1( /exington Apartments are located at 4 ) 6t 1( and features 48 units 7he price is 86' 34 million. ´:e will continue to looN for welllocated properties in :ashington, %oston, and 1ew

ongoing 7owson 5ow develop- ment. ´7owson was a perfect expan- sion opportunit\ for us due to the proximit\ of both 7owson 8niversit\ and *oucher Col- lege. 2ur t\pical clientele con- sists of college students looNing for a comfortable place to plug in and worN, while also enMo\ing qualit\ snacNs of an interna- tional variet\ and great coffee drinNs. 40 :est ChesapeaNe·s central location within the 7owson business district is an added perN,µ commented 0inh 9o, owner of 7he %un 6hop. 7he demand for remote worNplaces b\ an increasingl\ mobile worNforce has fueled 7he %un 6hop·s growth in the %altimore region. A menu of distinct international Áavors in both its handrolled pastries and diverse coffee offerings has created tremendous appeal for 7he %un 6hop when combined with its eclectic and co]\ atmo- sphere andmaNes it a perfect fit for dense urban and collegiate centers liNe 7owson. 7he %un 6hop was represent- ed b\ Matt Myers of Cushman :aNefield. n

9060 Junction Dr.

infill industrial opportunities, ´ said Jonathan Carpenter , executive director, Cushman :aNefield. ´0arNet d\- namics access to ,5 and the large consumer base continue to drive tenants toward the region. :e are ver\ proud to have represented 7A 5ealt\ from purchase point to lease up and asset management to a successful disposition. %eing

closel\ involved with these buildings and their marNet- abilit\ through a fullsolutions approach was a Ne\ to execut- ing a successful sale process.µ ,nvolved in the portfolio sale were a team of Cushman :aNefield professionals led b\ ,nvestment sales broNers Jonathan Carpenter and Graham Savage , including Andrew Stanford, /aura

Smith, -arred Testa and Tilghman Herring of the %altimore office and Bob Yo- shimura and Joe Hill of the 3hiladelphia office. Also in %altimore, Cushman :aNefield represented 7he %un 6hop in its expansion into the 7owson marNetplace. 7he %un 6hop has leased 3,64 s/f at 40 :est ChesapeaNe Ave., across the street from the

ANelius has acquired 1 multi-family units totaling $3 million

816 E St NE

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