Absa AgriTrends 2022

“Sustainability and climate need to be part of our discussions with clients”

As mentioned earlier, climate change and global warming are gaining increased importance in business and policy discussions. In response to this, skeptics often note that the earth has always been subject to periods of warming and cooling.

Scientific findings, however, indicate that the rate at which the earth is currently warming is much faster than ever before, due to large amounts of greenhouse gasses (GHG) in the atmosphere. It is therefore the rate at which

Climate change Tale or truth?

temperatures are increasing that is out of the ordinary and concerning. In April 2022, the inter-governmental panel on climate change (IPCC) released its 6th assessment report which indicates that despite a slowdown in global growth and development over the past decade, annual average GHG emissions from 2010 to 2019 were higher than in any previous decade. This is leading to rapidly rising global temperatures. Some scenarios developed by climate researchers suggest average global warming of 5 °C if emissions continue unabated. This would change agricultural production systems as we know them and would make large parts of the earth uninhabitable.


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