Farming in Focus Autumn 2020

See the CropCadet in action at Jinjilla

is also able to be pulled by a smaller horsepower tractor than other seeding machines, which therefore reduces fuel costs. We sowed Canola using the scatter plates at a rate of 4kg/ha. In future years we plan on seeding a grazing mix of both grasses and legumes to ensure optimal nutritional balance for our stock. The CropCadet will be perfect for that. Now we wait and hope that the season continues as it has begun……. with regular falls of rain!”

We sowed Canola using the scatter plates at a rate of 4kg/ha

improved for water penetration and an ideal seedbed for sowing grazing Canola remained. The following week, and after 79mm of rain, Andrew Smith (with the help of his children Phoebe and Ben) of Kawea Pastoral Company was contracted to spray the paddock with a pre-emergent and post emergent herbicide and direct seed the Canola using K-Line Ag’s latest machine the CropCadet. I really liked the way the CropCadet left the paddock, and considering the ill treatment it has had over the last 2 years, it’s done an amazing job in creating an ideal seed bed. It

gone by and the dry windy summer months had resulted in topsoil blowing. Following lime being spread in came the K-Line Ag Speedtiller. The soil was

The K-Line Ag team and Tony Williams of Cowra Machinery Centre have worked closely with Andrew Smith, Kawea Pastoral Company, to ensure the CropCadet is equipped to best handle whatever soil conditions are present.

Lime was applied and incorporated with the K-Line Speedtiller. worked to a depth of approximately 200mm which transformed the soil in one pass. Lime was incorporated, compaction reduced, soil structure

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