Farming in Focus Autumn 2020



of wheat this season which will be an increase of 10.1 million hectares. Livestock – In 19/20 Australia is expected to have the lowest number of beef cattle since 1990 and the lowest number of sheep since 1904. Prices remain strong because of the low supply and continued demand across the domestic and export markets. ABARES are predicting that it will take several years for livestock numbers to recover. A surge in demand for Australian meat in Asia has caused livestock prices to remain historically high, and offset the income effects of drought related falls in production and increased feed costs. This has had a knock-on effect on crop prices as high livestock prices have made it profitable to continue buying feed as supplies dwindled and costs rose. The coronavirus places a short term risk on demand for Australian meat

exports however ABARES assumes the outbreak will be temporary and have limited impact from 20/21 onwards. AUSTRALIAN CROPPING PREDICTIONS FOR 2020

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CROPPING (Area cropped: grains, oilseeds, pulses) Increase of 17% (up 3,190,000 million ha planted)


With the seeding season well underway for the Winter cropping season and autumn rainfall being high, ABARES are predicting an increase in crop production in 2020. While the livestock prices remain strong the production numbers will take a number of years to recover from the drought. Wheat - Rain across the Australian wheatbelt during March and April has resulted in ABARES updating their predictions on wheat production. It is now estimated that Australia will produce 40% more wheat in 2020/21. It is predicted Australian farmers will plant 12 million hectares

WHEAT Increase of 18.7% (up 1,894 million ha planted)


CANOLA Increase of 68% (up 1.225 million ha planted)


BARLEY Increase of 4% (up 157,000 ha planted)


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