Strawberry | 2023-2024

LTD Mignonette (Fragaria vesca)

• A compact wild strawberry (woodland straw- berry) with little to no runners • Known for its intense aroma and flavour • Produces an abundance of attractive, red fruits during a long harvesting period, from early summer onwards • Suitable for sheltered, sunny or semi-shaded locations

Flower: single white flowers Fruit: medium (dark) red fruits Brix%: 8-10 Vigour: medium Growth type: spreading

• A beautiful plant with large, unique deep rose flowers that turn into large red fruits • A real stunning plant in your garden with large, delicious and juicy fruits Fragoo® Rose ‘Toscana’

Flower: single white flowers Fruit: medium bright red fruits Brix%: 8-10 Vigour: strong Growth type: trailing

• Loran is very well suited for early season production • Suitable for high density growing as it has hardly any runners • It produces large deep red tasty fruits • Fruits will develop throughout summer in flushes Fragoo® White ‘Loran’

Flower: single white flower Fruit: large deep red fruits Brix%: 9-12 Vigour: compact Growth type: trailing

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