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The Value of a Day


The days have been getting shorter and shorter. The shortest day of the year, in terms of daylight hours, will happen later this month on Dec. 21. I love the daylight, and I love the opportunities that come with the day as the sun rises. Every day is a chance to be better than I was yesterday. Even though it gets dark at 5 p.m., and that definitely makes it harder to do everything that I want to in a day, I still think it’s worth it to try and squeeze value out of every second I’m awake.

know who they are or where they’re going or why they can afford to drive at such a leisurely pace, but all I know is I seem to get stuck behind them all the time. I could chalk it up to the way of things, but I started thinking about ways I could get myself out of the situation instead of blaming others.

“It’s always easy to stop striving for excellence when things are going okay, but in both my personal and professional life, I always try and find areas for improvement.”

I call my bouts of frustration on the road “angry bird moments.” The goofy name helps me not take those moments too seriously or to make them a part of myself. After some self-reflection, I found that the reason I’m so often frustrated while driving is because I always wait until the absolute last minute to leave when I need to go somewhere. I found that if I left just 5–10 minutes early, I could avoid getting angry at slow drivers or stop lights because I accounted for it in my drive time. I try and get the most out of every day at the office, too. At our firm, we see every day as an opportunity to improve. For a while now, we’ve sent out questionnaires to clients, asking for feedback on our process and how we can improve. Their responses have allowed us to take an honest look at

how we’re doing as a firm. It’s always easy to stop striving for excellence when things are going okay, but in both my personal and professional life, I always try and find areas for improvement. Take a look at your day, short as it may be right now. Do you take the time to look for ways to improve yourself? What about the environments in which you live and work? We may not always have all the hours in a day we want, but, if you take the time to reflect, what can you do with the hours you do have? – Daniel J. Miller

I don’t often find I’m dissatisfied with what I have. I’m a pretty contentable guy. That said, I think every day is special because it’s an opportunity to challenge myself to be better. Even though I don’t find myself wanting for anything, it’s no excuse to stop improving myself in any way I can. I’ll give you an example. One thing I’ve always struggled with is patience while I’m driving. You all probably know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been behind the guy going 40 miles per hour in the fast lane without a care in the world. I don’t

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