MRN_909459_FCF Price List

FCF Platinum and FCF Classic

When building your FCF System - Please select the following:

Please select the core unit according to the required cooling capacity and the available voltage.


Air Conditioner

Note: electric cable, control box, display cable, installation and operating manuals, air ducting collar, and external temperature sensor are included with core unit kits

Core Unit FCF (Platinum / Classic)

Pages 5-14


Air System

Please order a fresh air kit or order the air ducting system pieces separately.

Air System

Pages 15-23 Pages 15-18 Page 19-21 Page 22-23

Air Ducting

Air Grilles

Air System Accessories


Seawater Circuit

Please order a seawater kit or order the seawater circuit pieces separately.

Seawater Kits

Page 24-30 Pages 31-32

Pumps, Soft Starts and Relays

Remote Control

Page 33

Spare Parts

Page 34-43


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