MRN_909459_FCF Price List

FCF Platinum Complete System Kits 6,000 - 16,000 BTU/h

The purchase of an FCF Platinum air conditioning system can be done as a complete system which provides you with all of the appropriate Seawater and Ducting parts to get your unit installed immediately. The components of a FCF Platinum Complete System Kit are also available in the following pages in the event you need additional components or you purchased an FCF Platinum system by itself and need the appropriate additional Seawater or Ducting components. The list below contains the part numbers of the FCF Platinum Complete System Kits currently available.

What do you get with a FCF Platinum Complete System Kit?

FCF Platinum A/C Unit

KoolAir Pump - PM500 or PM1000

Return Air Grille, Grille Round w/ Damper, Supply Air Grille, Air Divider Hose and Transition Box

Flexible Insulated Duct, Heavy Duty Sewater Hose, Seawater Strainer w/ Scoop, Hardware and Fittings


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