2021 New Varieties Poinsettia | North America

7 Weeks

Robyn ™ Pink Breeder: Beekenkamp • Early-season timing. • Trialed in 2019 as experimental Pon 64. • Smooth, large pink bracts on top of well-branched plants. • A beautiful pink sport of Robyn Red – both varieties match well for early-season finishing. • Very good and uniform branching – all bracts are even on top of the plant. • Compact to medium vigor, best for 4 to 6 inch pots. • Excellent heat tolerance with strong performance in all climates including the Deep South. • Very good post-harvest keeping quality.

Technical Specifications

Natural Flower

November 7-14

Vigor Habit

Compact to Medium



North, Mid, South, Deep South

Recommended Containers

Mini, 4-inch, 6-inch

Comparison Varieties COMPANY VARIETY

Bravo Pink Enduring Pink Premium Lipstick

Dümmen Orange

Beekenkamp | Variety 70089181

Christmas Glory TM Pink Christmas Joy TM Pink

Selecta One

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