2021 New Varieties Poinsettia | North America

8 Weeks

Superba ™ Marble Breeder: Lazzeri • Early to mid season timing. • Very nice, striking marble bracts with great pink and white contrast. • Matches timing and vigor of Superba family – New Glitter, Pink, Red, and White. • Medium to large bracts that hold up well on a robust V-shaped habit. • Especially easy to grow in all pot sizes. • Excellent shelf life.

• Replaces Mars ™ Marble in 2021. • Not recommended for the South because of heat delay.

Technical Specifications

Natural Flower

November 15-22

Vigor Habit

Medium to Vigorous

V-Shaped North, Mid


Recommended Containers

Mini, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch

Comparison Varieties COMPANY VARIETY Dümmen Orange Enduring Marble

Christmas Beauty TM Marble Christmas Joy TM Marble Marbella

Selecta One

Lazzeri | Variety 70100979

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