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July/August 2019


Connecting Families and Professionals

KATHY NAUTA PULLS FROM FAMILY EXPERIENCE TO HELP OTHERS W hen my oldest child was diagnosed with mental health issues at age 7, I knew it was time to put my CPA career aside and make her recovery my full-time job. I thought we had run out of options after years of doctors’ appointments, interviews, and consultations with limited results. Then I found Lucy Pritzker who helped my child and family by introducing us to an educational environment that actually met our daughter’s needs.

I learned that although parents may know their child’s psychological and educational needs, it’s the professional who must help those parents become aware of appropriate and available resources. There are many passionate, caring people in this industry who work hard to help those children succeed, and for years, I wanted to become one of those powerful, compassionate professionals. So, I completed trainings offered through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), and I eventually began teaching these trainings to other parents. I became a Parent Advocate for the N.J. Children’s System of Care, where I taught parents how to advocate for their children in IEP meetings and doctor’s appointments and helped connect them with local resources. I took a year-long class with the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates,

which led to an internship with a special education attorney.

Then I called Lucy to ask if I could join her practice as a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant; our relationship had come full circle. As it turns out, Lucy was looking to expand her educational consulting practice. Lucy gave me even more training, and I’ve now been working with Lucy and Elm Street Placements for three years. I feel incredibly lucky to help families each day. Today, my daughter is a successful family member and college student. She has friends, she has interests, and she has peace of mind. My goal is to help the families you serve find the same success my own did.

-Kathy Nauta



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