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Travel Often? Get TripIt

The Best in Itinerary Management IF YOU TRAVEL, YOU NEED TRIPIT

For most business owners, travel is a fact of life. From conferences to client visits, many of us spend almost as much time out of the office as we do inside of it. Travel often involves managing all sorts of information, including flight details, accommodations, dinner reservations, and rental cars. Now, almost all of these services come with digital apps you can use to track relevant information, but that requires cycling through a handful of programs and trying to remember how all the pieces fit together. Wouldn’t it be easier if all that information was in one place? Well, that’s exactly what Tripit offers. Tripit is a desktop and mobile service that aggregates all of your travel plans into one convenient location. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to Tripit. The data will automatically be assembled into an easy-to-read itinerary that’s accessible from any of your devices. The interface is organized and clear, with a detailed schedule of where you need to be and when. Even better, you don’t need Wi-Fi to access an itinerary once it’s been created. So, if you end up stuck underground or in the air, you can still keep tabs on upcoming events. You can also sync your itinerary with your favorite calendar app or share your entire travel plan (or select parts of it) with team members, friends, and family.

All of these features are included in Tripit’s free

tier of service, but Tripit Pro takes this level of convenience a step further.

With this additional service, which costs $49 per year, you get real-

time alerts and reminders. Tripit Pro can also locate alternative flights in the event of a delay, track reward points, look for better seats, and more. Anyone who frequently travels knows you need to have a backup plan if a flight gets canceled. Tripit Pro will let you know the second that happens, giving you more time to find an alternative. If we lived in a perfect world, nobody would ever experience a travel headache. As we know, that’s simply not the case. At least with Tripit, you can be sure that managing your itinerary won’t be an issue. As the company slogan succinctly states, Tripit gives you “All your travel plans in one place.”



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