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British International Championship Club Guernsey National

Doncaster Pigeon Show Saturday 2nd November 2024

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1st Open & 1st North West Section winner, Nigel Shaw. The BICC’s opening race of the season was from Guernsey, where 165 members sent 1,895 birds that were liberated at 7.25am on Monday 29th April, after a two day holdover. See page 6

‘LAST MINUTE’ 1st Section, 1st Open Central Southern Classic Flying Club Guernsey Old Bird 3,109 birds 2013. Owned and raced by M & L Duffell, Portsmouth.




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Congratulations Congratulations to Ralph Jepson who became an octogenarian celebrating his 80th birthday on the 12th May with all his wonderful family & friends. Glad you had a wonderful day as Liz and myself had a wonderful afternoon. Best wishes for the future Alan & Liz xx


BLACKLOCK, BRIAN – It is with a very heavy heart that I inform the Fancy of the sad passing of my best friend Brian Blacklock. Brian was first and foremost a true gentleman who

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Ralph Jepson enjoying his 80th birthday party with his wonderful family.

loved the pigeon sport. He was a former member of Airdrie Flying Club and the SNFC. He had battled ilness with courage and dignity and passed in Monklands Hospital with the love of his family and friends by his side. Condolances to his partner Julie and family. Rest in Peace my friend. – Tom Corrie Jnr, Lanarkshire Federation McCARTNEY, MAURICE – I was so sad to hear about Maurice’s passing. He was a true legend. Keen as mustard, he supported every club he was a member of. A great conversationalist and a good friend. Competitive to the end. He won the club the day before he passed away. RIP Maurice. They don’t make them like you any more. – Robert Owne, NWGNFC


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UNC MAIDSTONE LAKES The first of The UNC’s 2024 seasons so called ‘big races’ commenced at 9am on May 11th when Peter Maw and crew liberated 11,840 birds at Maidstone Lakes into a light NE turning SE wind. There was early morning mist which held the liberation back a shade, but thankfully it cleared and we ‘were in business’ so to speak. I’ve not got the full list of Federation winners, but I do have the top three and I’ll go with them, plus the Federation winners I do have. On a velocity of 1676.5 we have our first UNC winner of this season in the loft of a long time top loft that is under the Robson Bros, Thompson and Larmouth name. I have already made contact with both Peter Robson and Kyle Larmouth, Kyle gave me a ring on the Sunday afternoon about 180 miles off shore on a rig out in the North Sea, having gone back to work just two days before this epic win. I’ll not say to much about this yearling blue hen just yet, but she is extremely well bred, and has been in great form all season, 2x1st Northumberland Premier Feds and a 2nd

Fed is proof of that. At 2nd UNC we have another top loft, that’s the South Shields Fed winning loft of Hanson and Charlie Gallagher, Charlie being I believe the sole survivor of the partnership as Ray Hanson no longer participates, the velocity being 1676.5. At 3rd UNC we have another top loft, this one being the Wansbeck Fed winner which arrived to the very much in form team of Davie Barron and Gary Douglas, velocity 1665,4. Just some of the other Fed winners I have are: Mid Tyne, where we see Stephen Stewart and Mark Walton getting to the top on a 1662 velocity, probably 4th UNC and just maybe 5th UNC to Miller Bros and Kyle at 2nd Fed on 1657. North East Counties has John Richardson and Uncle Norman taking 1st Fed on 1648.6 but only on the second decimal place from Walton and Bresnan also on 1648.6. Kevin Moore takes 1st Coquetdale Fed doing 1644, and the Teesside Fed winner is Cole and Wheatley Family on 1646. That’s all I have at the minute, so off they are going to both weeklies, but a pretty good start to the 2024 seasons so called ‘Classic races’. BP


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Saturday 11th May the West Essex and the East London Feds held an Amalgamation race from Wetherby with the birds liberated at 10.15am in a light SE wind. I have heard that everyone had a good race and a well done to the Convoyer and Race Advisor for holding until the mist had cleared.

John & Richard Turnell 1st Cheshunt club Wetherby.

Essex Central Fed were at Wetherby with the birds liberated at 9.30 in a SE wind. Laindon RPC 20/286, 1st Mick Smith with a blue pied yearling cock vel 1293, 2nd Rob Wilton with a 3yo blue cock vel 1263, 3rd M Grzedowicz with a yearling blue hen vel 1259 and in 4th

Burns x Brian Bates breed. The North London Fed at Retford with the birds liberated at 10.15am in a SE wind. Cheshunt 7/176, 1st & 2nd J Turnell & Son with a chequer pied yearling Sontjen hen vel 1403 and a 2yo Heremans-Ceusters x Janssen pied hen vel 1400. In 3rd & 4th S Williams with a 4yo chequer cock vel 1379 and a 2yo mealy cock vel 1378, both Van den Bulck’s out of Fenech Bros stock.

Gordon Thorpe 1st Ilford & District club Wetherby.

from M Evans vel 1227, 3rd T Ling with a 2yo blue Heremans-Ceusters cock vel 1225 and in 4th G Reynolds again with a 3yo Van Loon Widowhood cock vel 1224. Dagenham Invitation 1st Bagge & Finan vel 1305, 2nd Mr & Mrs T Calverley vel 1286 and taking 3rd & 4th Bagge & Finan again vels 1269.4 & 1269.3. Hornchurch 1st Lol Stanbrook with a 4yo pencil blue De Klak cross that scored third last week vel 1267, 2nd Frank Nott with a 2yo chequer cock that won the Fed two weeks ago vel 1236 and taking 3rd & 4th Lol Stanbrook again with a 5yo blue Gaby Vandenabeele cock, a previous Amal winner vel 1213 and a 4yo blue pied Gaby Vandenabeele cock vel 1209.

Eddie Emms 1st ELNR West Section Wetherby.

East London Fed – ELNR 12/178, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Jutla Bros vels 1299, 1296 & 1246. ELNR West Section, 1st E Emms & Son with a homebred vel 1243 and taking 2nd & 3rd J Purton with a chequer Busschaert hen vel 1242 and a blue mealy cock vel 1228. Ilford & District sweeping the board taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th and looking good to top the Fed and the Amal Mr & Mrs G Thorpe with three Frans Zwols x Thorpe, a 3yo vel 1309, a 2yo vel 1303 and another 3yo vel 1292 and in 4th last years Combine winner vel 1288.

Mick Smith 1st Laindon RPC Wetherby.

David Coward-Talbot with a yearling blue hen vel 1257. Congratulations to my old mate Mick Smith for scoring 3 in a row. Keep it up mate. Stour Valley Fed at Sleaford. Clacton & District HS 11/158, 1st, 2nd & 3rd D Hills with three blue cocks out of Fenech Bros Van den Bulck stock vels 1411, 1411 & 1410, 4th A Stockwell & Son with a chequer pied Busschaert cock vel 1373. Mistley 10/80, sweeping the board taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Graham White with a mealy vel 1412, a dark chequer vel 1411, a red pied vel 1384 and a blue pied vel 1358. That’s all the results I have to hand for this week. Woodo! I finish on a sad note as I have just heard that Vinnie Donnolley who I got to know very well through the Lancashire Social Circle has passed away. Vinnie was a larger than life character who always had a new joke to tell you whenever you met him. My sincere condolences to Vinnie’s family and friends at this sad time. – Brian Woodhouse

Debden & Woodford 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club also in the Fed Terry Jones vels 1413.87, 1413.87 & 1413.72. Ware 1st, 2nd & 3rd Turville & Ashby vels 1375.58, 1375.26 & 1374 and in 4th N & J Andrews vel 1366. Provisional North London Fed result Retford 12.5.24. T Jones 1413.87 T Jones 1413.87 T Jones 1413.72 J Turnell & Son 1403 J Turnell & Son 1400 S Williams 1379 S Williams 1378.9 S Williams 1378.3 Turville & Ashby 1375.5 Turville & Ashby 1375.2 J Turnell & Son 1374.9 Turville & Ashby 1374.1 N & J Andrews 1366.8 P Glenister 1366.2 N & J Andrews 1366.0 N & J Andrews 1365 P Glenister 1328 Terry Jones 1st Debden & Woodford club Retford,

Derek Forder 1st Crossroads club Wetherby.

Crossroads 1st & 2nd D Forder with two 2yo chequer Van Essex cocks vels 1271 & 1158, 3rd R Harding with a 5yo chequer cock vel 1154 and in 4th Tad Leks with a 2yo black cock vel 1107. Barking Social 11/179, 1st & 2nd Paul Liman with two out of his own family vels 1302 & 1298.7, beaten into 3rd by a hairsbreadth Ricky Downes vel 1298.2 and 4th vel 1297, both Dean

West Essex Fed – Grays Social 7/113, 1st G Reynolds with a 2yo cock out of George Culley of Dublin stock vel 1233, 2nd Mr & Mrs S Beven with a Gaby Vandenabeele Widowhood cock Lol Stanbrook 1st Hornchurch club Wetherby.



The Joe Murphy Column

Sayaan has covered the last 385km (239 miles) to his summer residence in West Sussex. Making a direct flight north east, he cut across Normandy before crossing The Channel and arriving in the UK near Worthing. He is currently back at the Knepp Estate, where he was originally tagged. Since leaving the UK on 19th June 2023 Sayaan has taken a wide circular route which has seen him pass through a remarkable 21 countries! ‘Cuach Cores’ is still in France. After a relatively brief stop on the Algerian/Tunisian border, Cores took a direct route of around 850km (528 miles) across the Mediterranean, arriving in southern France near the town of Montpellier. He has

ending with an epic sea crossing from northern Spain direct to Ireland across the Bay of Biscay. Big sea crossings haven’t been recorded in cuckoos in Europe before, so that’s a really interesting twist.” Reports from the satellite tagging system indicate that that other cuckoo’s from the project are also on their way. ‘Cuach Torc’ is currently in the vicinity of Brittany. He had settled near the Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and later flew over 2,000km west to Ghana, and has since began flying North, via Casablanca in Morocco. ‘Cuach Cores’ was the last of the three to leave. He remained in the south of France for several months before flying south

Matt Brown of Whittlets & District on 1537ypm, Cree & Cuthbert of the same club take 2nd & 3rd and Willie Lawrence in 4th & 5th section. Other club winners: A Barbour tops the Dalry result; Kilmarnock Invitation is won by W Julyan; Irvine NTHS winner is B Nicol; Carrick & District winners Jamieson & Son. Matt Brown wins Whittlets and D Howie Ardeer. Kilwinning J McNeil, Annbank won by D Graham, Cumnock J & S Galloway and G Slaven takes the win in Mauchline. Another good race Joe, a gentle with helpful weather conditions again. Looking forward now to Appleby as we swing west. Club Points: 1st Arder HS 5; 2nd Darvel HS 3; 3rd Kilwinning HS 2; 4th Dalry HS 1; 5th Irvine NTHS 1 point. Fanciers Points: total; D Howie 39; R Donegan 27; Stirrat & McKenna 18; J & S O’Hare 16; J Savage 13; B Nicol 12; A Barbour 11; John Simpson 8; D McCullen 6. My thanks to Baz for the result and the photo of the Federation winner to go with the report. Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club news from Charlie Cameron with the third old bird race from Blaydon on 5th May, with the birds liber- ated at 8.45am into a light south west wind. We had 6 members sending 148 birds, with Charlie & Glen Cameron taking the first three places with winner doing 1220. Chic & Ann Carrie are 4th with man of the moment Paul Cameron winning 5th & 7th places. Les

Received an email from a very good friend of ours from Dublin who wrote, Hi Joe, I wondered if you had seen this article about the Cuckoo Tracking Project as one of the birds known as ‘Cuach KP’ has landed in Killarney National Park, which is part of the Department of Housing Local Government and Heritage, who published this on 2nd May 2024. The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has confirmed that ‘Cuach KP’, is one of the first Irish cuckoo’s to be tagged as part of a Cuckoo Tracking Project has landed home in Killarney National Park after a winter spent in the rainforests of the Congo Basin in Central Africa.

continued a further 450km (280 miles) north and is now in central France, preparing for the last leg of his journey. When will he join KP in Ireland? For more informa- tion you can log onto I found this article very inter- esting and I hope readers of my column also find this of interest. Results I glad to see that fanciers are now taking up my request of sending in photographs of their Federation winners. They are as good as any other federation winner in the UK and deserve a pat on the back. Ayrshire Federation news from Baz Nicol. The Federation were at Wooler on the 27th April after a spell of better weather in the day’s prior, the birdage was

‘Cuach KP’, along with two other Irish cuckoo’s, was tagged in Killarney National Park in May 2023. He is the first to success- fully make the 9,000km journey home for the summer months. On arrival into Ireland on Monday, ‘KP’ made a short stop in Fermoy before making his way to Derrycunihy, in Killarney National Park, the place where he was originally tagged before his release. While the cuckoo has been well-studied during the breeding season, very little is known about the routes they take once they head off on migration or where in Africa they spend the winter months. The Cuckoo Tracking Project was set up by the NPWS together with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) last year to better understand their migration patterns and the habitat pressures on the cuckoo popula-

Two of my dear friends Jock Strang & Dennis Anderson.

as far as the Congo Basin in the DRC. The bird migrated west through Cameroon, and has been tracked north west across Nigeria and Lagos en-route to Ireland. He is already making quick progress towards Ireland. Cuckoo’s, or Cuach as Gaelige, are a summer migrant to Ireland. Adult birds are resident here from April to early July, having spent the winter on the African continent. They are a unique bird in Ireland as they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests and have no involvement in raising their young. Across Ireland, the cuckoo has seen a 27% reduc- tion in breeding distribution between the first national census, Bird Atlas (1968-1972), and the most recent Bird Atlas (2007-2011). We’ve been satellite-tracking cuckoo’s since 2011 to find out why they are in decline. Since 1995, the number of cuckoo’s has decreased by over 30%. The cuckoo is currently red-listed as a Bird of Conservation Concern in the UK. We’ve been satellite- tracking Cuckoos since 2011 to find out why they are in decline. Latest updates: ‘ Cuach Torc’ catches up with Killarney ‘Cohort KP’. After several days in the Finistère area of Brittany, ‘Cuach Torc’ has now left north western France and has made his way to south west Ireland. His journey of approximately 550km (341 miles), saw him taking a direct route across the Celtic Sea, past the Isles of Scilly and Bishop’s Rock lighthouse, and into Killarney National Park, where he joins cuckoo cohort ‘KP’! Sayaan swoops into Sussex, 1st May 2024 Since our last update two days ago,

tion. The birds were given names and fitted with satellite tags so that their movements could be tracked. ‘Cuach KP’ travelled an extraordinary 9,000km to and from the Kingdom, covering two continents and several countries. After wintering in the Democratic Republic of the Congo he was tracked in Morocco, Cameroon, Ghana and the Ivory Coast, before flying northwards from the Western Sahara, where it was tagged south west of Marrakesh before heading for Kerry. Minister of State for Nature, Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcolm Noonan said: “The return of ‘Cuach KP’ is real success story for this project, and the partnership between the NPWS and the British Trust for Ornithology. Projects like this really helps us to learn more about precious birds such as the cuckoo and how we can all keep them safe”. Eamonn Meskell, Divisional Manager at Killarney National Park said: “We’re delighted that ‘Cuach KP’ has found his way home to Killarney during the first year of this moni- toring project. Cuckoo’s are such an intriguing bird and one that we associate with the arrival of summer. All of us at Killarney National Park are now hoping that the two other birds tagged as part of this project will follow and join him here over the coming days.” Sam Bayley, NPWS Conservation Ranger, who set up the Project in conjunction with BTO said, “Satellite tagging gives us a clear picture of the cuckoo’s journey for the first time, to Africa and back to Ireland. KPs journey was a round trip of nearly 9,000km

better this week with 86 members sending 1,980 birds. The convoy was liberated at 9.30am into no wind turning slightly easterly on route. Winning 1st Centre Section and topping the Open is ‘The Don’ Robert (Rab Doo) Donegan of Newmilns, with a super blue bar yearling cock on a velocity of 1606, who wins the Gibb of Galston Cup. Robert’s bird has already won this year in the first week taking the honours in Darvel club. He comes from Soontjen stock via Roy Mulligan of Doncaster. Next on the Fed result is the Ardeer HS winner and 1st North Section is Dave Howie who take 2nd to 6th Open posi- tions. Well done again to Dave and Kirsty who remain a very hard team to beat. Making up the top 10 are the North Section partner- ship of Stirrat & McKenna 7th, 8th & 10th with Baz Nicol runner up in Centre Section and 9th Fed. R Donegan is 1st Open Ayrshire Federation Wooler OB and 1st & 3rd Centre Section, 2nd Centre Section is B Nicol of Irvine, 4th is D McCullen of Kilmaurs and W Julyan of Kilmaurs in 5th. The North Section had 901 birds away with D Howie of Ardeer club taking the first five places with Stirrat & McKenna taking the next five places. The Central Section had 570 birds, R Donegan is 1st & 3rd with B Nicol of Irvine in 2nd spot. D McCullen of Irvine is 4th with W Julyan of Kilmarnock Invitation club in 5th place. A McKenna also from Irvine is 7th with D McTaggart of Kilmarnock Invitation club in 8th place. E Diamond of Irvine HS is 9th with J Stewart of Kilmarnock Invitation in 10th place. South Section winner this week is

McKay wins 6th & 8th with A & A Shepherd winning 9th spot. Graham McKenzie makes up the top 10. East of Scotland Federation news from Tom McEwan with the Harrowgate race result, flown on the 5th May. The convoy was liberated at 9am into a light south west wind. Topping the Federation for his second Federation win of the season is Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton with a yearling blue hen. George Veitch of East Salton is keeping up his great results winning 3rd, 5th, 9th & 10th Federation. Brian Lavery of Prestonpans has a good yearling chequer cock in 3rd place. Andrew Gilpin of Haddington completes a double winning 4th & 7th Fed. John Baillie of Tranent keeps up his good run by winning 6th & 8th Federation. Prestonpans HS winner as Brian Lavery with a yearling blue cock. John Baillie takes the next two places with his first bird a two year old dark chequer hen, she is a grand- daughter of the cock that won 40th Open ‘Erichtside Double Delight’ 1st Open SNFC Nantes 1988 for Donaldson & Downie of Rattray.

THE RACING PIGEON 17 MAY 2024 SNFC Roye and 7th Open Ypres. He was also on the SNFC Young Bird result. John’s second bird was a yearling blue cock bred from stock purchased by Performance Pigeons UK Stud. Kingdom RPA news from Pete Penman. We were meant to be at Darlington along with the Fife Federation. Unfortunately, some nine miles south of Alnwick the transporter suffered a blow out. Thankfully the driver and birds were all ok. Jim managed to nurse the


Pentland Hills Federation news from Andy Miller with the result of the fourth race of the 2024 was from Harrogate flown on 5th May with a distance of 138-152 miles for the members. The convoy of 1,002 birds entered by 52 lofts was liberated at 09:00 in a south west wind. Winning 1st Federation is John Dowling & loft manager Eric Willis from Danderhall Club. They timed their yearling Frans Van Wildemeersch hen on a velocity of 1209. The hen was bred by Rab Marinello from Sighthill club and was raced natural sitting on 14-day eggs. Sire is a son of ‘Banker’ purchased from Mark Williams from Prestatyn a breeder of many winners. Dam was bred by the late Ian Parsons from Cumbria. This stock pair bred last year’s 2nd Open Peterborough young bird Midweek race last year for Black & Robertson Danderhall. Second & 3rd is Freddie & Willie Robertson from Danderhall with their 2nd bird winning £353. The forth place goes to the Woodburn partnership of Brown & Black with K Dick of Edinburgh Premier club winning 5th & 16th Open. The Danderhall partnership of the Winter Family are 6th & 7th with club mates Willie Pryde & Son John in 8th position, they also won 11th, 12th & 13th Open. Lindsay & Mackie also from Danderhall are 14th Open. Returns seem to be quite good with only a couple missing from most lofts. Our next race is from Bubwith. Scottish Central Federation news from Bernie Britton with the result of the Hexham race flown on the 4th May with a convoy of 982 pigeons liberated at 10am into a west wind. Winchburgh club sent 202 birds. Taking 1st Club 7th Federation is Charlie Job with a young mealy Widowhood cock down from his David Jamieson lines. Charlie has retired just recently and now has the time to

control team of Davie Glen and Danny Henderson excelled once again to give us good race on Sunday. Forfar club’s Ian Scott takes the top spot with a two year old Widowhood cock. He was bred from a pair of Busschaerts from Ian’s late friend Bob Baldie and he has won 6th Club 7th Federation from Kettering last year along with other minor positions. Davie Glen was 2nd & 6th Club and Federation with his first bird a two year old Busschaert Widowhood cock. This pigeon was 1st Club and Federation last year from Melton Mowbray and also won 6th Club and Federation from Wooler two weeks ago. Ken Droog & Son are 3rd with W Nicol winning 5th & 9th Open. D J Liddle wins 7th position in both with Eric Galloway wins 10th position in both club and Federation. Club Winners: Forfar had 15 members sending 417 birds; 1st I Scott 1297.126 2nd D Glen 1297.12. Arbroath had 6 members sending 148 birds; 1st P Cameron 1220.25 2nd C & G Cameron. Gourdon 2 members sending 41 birds; 1st D & D Hay 1188.76. Montrose 2 members sending 25 birds; 1st M Wallace & Son 1028.79. This week’s photos The first of these is of my two dear friends, Jock Strang and Dennis Anderson. This photo was taken at my Sporting Challenge night out. The pigeons are as follows: the red chequer is ‘Erichtside Double Delight’ winner of 1st Open SNFC Nantes flying 650 miles for Donaldson & Downie. The blue bar is Robert Donegan Ayrshire Federation winner; and the pied hen is J Dowling Pentlandhills Federation winner. The photo of the injured bird happened on the second week of the new racing season. 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table Have had a few phone calls asking if I’m going to restart my Space Weather Forecast, as it seems quite a few fanciers have still followed it now for the past few years. Issued 06-May 2024. UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index 2024 May 06 180 35 6 2024 May 07 185 12 4 2024 May 08 190 8 3 2024 May 09 185 10 3 2024 May 10 175 5 2 2024 May 11 175 5 2 2024 May 12 175 8 3 2024 May 13 175 15 4 2024 May 14 180 10 3 2024 May 15 205 5 2 2024 May 16 205 5 2 2024 May 17 200 5 2 2024 May 18 195 5 2 2024 May 19 190 5 2 2024 May 20 185 5 2 2024 May 21 180 5 2 2024 May 22 175 5 2 2024 May 23 170 8 3 2024 May 24 165 12 4 2024 May 25 170 8 3 2024 May 26 175 5 2 2024 May 27 175 12 4 2024 May 28 170 8 3 2024 May 29 165 5 2 2024 May 30 165 5 2 2024 May 31 165 8 3 2024 Jun 01 175 12 4 Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@ REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or log onto www.elimar who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland .

gap in its wing. The season is now over for this bird which is a big disappointment as the bird was due to go over the Channel this year. Almond Valley Federation news from Secretary Lynne Stewart with the Alnwick race result which was flown on 5th May with the convoy of 1,308 birds liberated at 8.45am. Taking top spot is Colin Ross of Balerno club with a two year old doing a velocity of 1237. S Russell of Bonnybridge club takes the next three places with I McLelland of the same club in 5th spot. Clubmate J Urquhart is 6th followed by D McBeath of Armadale club. East Calder’s Freddie Jamieson & son are 8th with B & D Halliday of Bonnybridge club winning 9th spot and J Burnside of Armadale is in 10th place. Club Winners are as follows: Armadale 180 birds ; 1st D McBeath 1209. 2nd J Burnside 1199. 3rd D McBeath 1177. 4th J Hadfield 1161. Balerno 101 birds ; 1st to 4th places won by C Ross 1237.-1163.- 1150.630, 1150.159. Bonnybridge 400

Robert Donegan, Ayrshire Fed winner.

motor back to Alnwick with hope of a libera- tion from there on Saturday, but with a rugby match taking place and the car park quickly filling up there was no chance of a liberation. After the blow out was repaired and no suit- able place found to liberate it was decided to head north to Wooler. Finally, the birds were liberated at 14.30 in a west/south west wind. Leading the way this week was the Leuchars loft of Eric & Liz Young with a Frans Zwols cock sitting 10-day eggs. 2nd was the in-form loft of Gary Hall of Coaltown of Balgonie club with a home bred yearling chequer cock on Roundabout. In 3rd place again was Eric & Liz Young with a gift bird from Tom Berwick flying to the perch. Fourth position went to Chic Dinsdale of Coaltown of Balgonie with a yearling

Gordon MacKenzie, Central Fed winner.

birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd S Russell 1232. 1230.448, 1230.300, 4th I McLelland 1223. Carnwath 173 birds; 1st & 2nd Thomson Bros & I Thomson 1062 & 1061. 3rd S McArdle 1015. Thomson Bros & I Thomson 1008. East Calder 123 birds ; 1st F Jamieson & Son 1204. 2nd Mr Mrs Fleming 1177. 3rd F Jamieson & Son 1123. 4th Mr Mrs Fleming 1101. Fauldhouse 202 birds ; 1st & 2nd Colligan & Hope 1153 & 1144. 3rd J Brown 1137. 4th Colligan & Hope 1135. West Calder 129 birds; 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th J Bird 1189. 1186. 1162 & 1161. Fife Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies news from Archie Herd with the Wooler (2) race flown on 5th May with the convoy of 1,222 birds liberated at 2.30pm into a west to south west wind. Birdage breakdown was as follows: Kennoway sending 266 birds; Methilhaven 181 birds; St Andrews 90 birds; Novar & Leslie 47 birds; Crossgates 172 birds; Dunfermline 236 birds and Lochgelly 230 birds. Taking the top spot and also winning 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th & 9th East Section and Open is John Harcus of St Andrews club. S Diamond of Kennoway is 6th with B Chalmers in 10th place. The West Section was won by J Coltart Snr of Lochgelly club with R Cook of Crossgates club in 2nd & 4th positions. Eddie McWilliams of Dunfermline club is 3rd with J Hynd & Son of Lochgelly club winning 5th 7th & 8th positions. My old pal Walker Kennedy from Dunfermline is in 9th spot with club mate Andy Ritchie 10th. Other Club First Bird: Methilhaven winner David Armour with Novar & Leslie winner Turpie & McCord. Correction to last week’s Alnwick result West Section places – G Williams (9th & 10th Novar & Leslie).

spend with his birds which is starting to pay off. Second Club 8th Federation is Mark Doran with a Gaby from Ronnie Wright. Third Club 14th Fed is Peter Keogh with a black hen bred by Dougie Barnes from is Syndicate Lofts birds. Equal 4th Club 15th & 16th Federation with a couple of blue hens is once again Peter. One from his Page Brothers stock and the other a mixture of the bloodlines within the loft. Peter had four birds drop together all doing 888ypm. Broxburn club sent 194 birds, with Gordon MacKenzie taking the first four positions. His 1st & 4th pigeons were bred by D Hawkins and Evans being Gaby Vandenabeele’s. His 2nd pigeon is his own Gaby and his 3rd pigeon again home bred Gaby from my best. Angus Federation news from David Liddle. Please find the results attached for our race from Blaydon with 25 members sending 631 birds, these were liberated at 8.45am into a light south west wind. The race was delayed by 24 hours due to a poor weather forecast for Saturday and the race Season just started and this bird returns like this. Season over.

J Dowling, Pentlandhills Federation winner.

chequer cock that was 5th Club last week and he also won 1st Club from the young bird Wakefield last year. Rosyth took the next two places with Hugh Gormley just edging out Mitchell & Stonehouse. The late Bob Blyth took the red card at St Serfs with Sandy Proctor in second spot just ousting brother John into 3rd place. Taking 3rd Club at Coaltown was club Secretary Pete Penman with a four yearCold red hen that has many good club positions flying spare. A big thank you must go out to the Fife Fed offi- cials for getting us a race under very trying conditions. Pete has kindly shown me a photograph of a pigeon that returned home from the second race of the season with a big



British International Championship Club Guernsey National Provisional Race Report – 29th April 2024

The BICC’s opening race of the season was from Guernsey, where 165 members sent 1,895 birds that were liberated at 7.25am on Monday 29th April, after a two day holdover. The birdage was down on this time last year, but the cold start to the season probably accounted for that. Nonetheless, when the birds were liberated, they made some great times, with the winning birds being recorded in the northern sections.

from the English coastline to inland. See the wind flow chart. As expected, a fast race resulted with velocities exceeding 2000ypm. This report is based on member’s first bird verifications and the final result may differ. The Provisional Open winners, taking 1st North West Centre Section were Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw of Crewe on 2170 over 246 miles. Nigel told me,

The transporter arriving at Guernsey, with a clear blur sky at that time.

contacting them for a race report. Well, it didn’t turn out too badly for them after all and this is what John had to say following the race. ‘Sorry Mike I was totally wrong with what I said to you at the time, that it won’t be us giving you a report from Guernsey. How wrong we were and what a surprise! We timed a dark chequer Jan Aarden five year old

Nigel’s National winner.

Each Section sent the following: In the South Centre 111 members sent 1,229 birds, South East 13 sent 150, South West 29 sent 394, North Centre 5 sent 57, North East 2 sent 5 and in the North West Section 5 sent 60. The weather/race report – Steve Appleby, the BICC race and weather advisor, provided the following report: True to the forecast Monday dawned clear and bright over the Channel and Channel Isles. With clear blue skies overhead, and after being briefed by the control team, the Convoyers prepared for liberation. Clearance from Guernsey airport was received which resulted in the BICC birds being released at

‘The bird we timed from the Guernsey BICC race was a two year old Ceusters x ‘Red Alert’ Celibate cock. He was bred by David Sara and these cocks only saw their hens before they went to basketing spending the night together. We had 20/21 return in good time, and they were

hen and she has had one training toss, one Fed race at 109 miles, where she finished 23rd Fed, and then straight into the BICC. She’s no stranger to National racing, she finished 22nd Open Messac with the NFC as a yearling last year. She

3rd North West Section, Booth & Roper.

Widowhood cock bird. This cock bird came back from a race last year hawked, with all its tail feathers missing and a big jab in its wing, so we left him alone until this year. In 2022 he was consistent in National competitions and was 2nd Section 87th Open Poitiers BICC, 5th Section 39th Open CSCFC and 8th Section 36th Open BBC. He’s a very big bird and he is related to our two Tarbes J Section winners 2019 and 2023, ‘Sportsview Amy’ and ‘Sportsview Dream Girl’, both in the loft today. We would like to congratulate Nigel and Wendy on winning the Open, and pass on many thanks to the Steventon marking station.’ The Provisional North Centre Section Winners 1st North Centre Section, 4th Open was John Garvey of Walsall on 2079 over 217 miles. John timed a three year old bred by Carl Ford, who was donated to Rushall LHS and sold for club funds. This bird was 3rd NC Section from the same race point last year. John said, ‘I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nigel Shaw on winning the NW Section and the Open. Also, the Convoyer and weather advisors for

2nd North West Section, J & B Oakey.

is bred from our son of Macaloney’s Dream Pair when paired to a daughter of ‘Supermac 73’ and the ‘One and Only’, who has bred us many good National pigeons. Can we thank the BICC for the fantastic condition the birds returned in after the holdover and congratulate our good friends Nigel & Wendy Shaw on their National win.’ 3rd North West Section, 3rd Open were Booth & Roper of Tewkesbury on 2091 over 173 miles. I bumped into Trevor and John at the Steventon marking station and they told me that they only decided to enter the race at the last minute and didn’t hold out much hope of making the result sheet. It was unlikely, they said, that I would be

1st Open & 1st North West Section winner, Nigel Shaw.

in great condition on return after five days in the basket. Can we thank the Convoyers and congratulate all the other Section winners on what turned out to be a great opening race for us.’ 2nd North West Section, 2nd Open, were J & B Oakley of Whitchurch on 2137 over 241 miles. The partnership said, ‘Pictured is our hen who took 2nd Open. She’s a two year old Jealousy

Wind flow map.

7.25am. The Convoyers reported the birds cleared the Island immediately. The flight path was one of sunshine and fair weather cloud. Visibility was very good, data showing 10 miles and more. Winds over Guernsey were fresh south to south west averaging 21mph but changed to a more southerly direction



The Provisional North East Section Winners 1st North East Section, 117th Open, was Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich on 1494 over 237 miles. This is what Jeremy told me, ‘ My first bird was a blue pied Louis Cooreman and he has served me very well over the years. He is bred from ‘Lucky Lad’, a top stock cock bred by Rob Fenech cross a daughter from my number one pair of Cooremans. Her sire being ‘Uba’, bred by Owen Jones x ‘Bolt’s Girl’, a daughter of Steve Fenech’s ‘Bolt’. This pair have bred over 20 winners for me and others. Second to the loft, and likely to be 3rd Section, was a 2021 blue cock. He is a Cooreman x Van den Bulck. His sire a Cooreman, bred by Owen Jones. This cock is also the grand sire to 3rd BICC St Philberts 2020. His dam is a daughter of my number one VDB stock pair, ‘Alert

miles. The partnership told me, ‘Firstly, we’d like to congratulate Nigel Shaw on winning the Open, some pace that was! Well done to all on the sheet on what was a very fast day after such a long time in the crate. Thanks very much to the Convoyers for such a brilliant job looking after our birds, they returned looking impeccable. We are very pleased with our performance, it is a wonderful feeling to win the Central Section and with all four of our birds being clocked within 12 minutes is a great bonus. Our first pigeon is a four

from Cheltenham last weekend. Last year, along with club and Fed prizes, she won 1st Section 12th Open MNFC from Carentan. She’s being prepared for the NFC Carentan in a few weeks. Like with most people’s birds today she came out of the north and was battling hard with what was now a head wind. So, hoping for a less windy day next time. ‘Nicolette’ was bred in June 2021 by Derek Nicholls, she was selected by Derek for me to race. One of a small kit of pigeons that has performed exceptionally well, thank you Derek. Her sire is ‘The Triple Eight Cock’, a top breeding son of the fantastic breeding and racing couple, ‘Dark Destroyer’ and ‘Little Lady’. ‘Nicolette’s’ dam is ‘Little Kittelena’, a granddaughter of both ‘Olympiade’ and ‘Kittel’.’ 3rd North Centre Section, 13th Open were Summers Bros & Daughter of Braunston on 1987 over 222 miles. Scott said, ‘First of all well done to the winner. It’s our first race with you and the birds, after the four days, are still in excellent order for us. We had three together I think, and I missed them, as we had no clock on. As I

1st North Centre Section, John Garvey.

1st South Centre Section, Cowley Bros.

1st North East Section, Jeremy Nicholson.

giving us a great race, five sent and five home, the first two in 10 minutes. After four full days in the basket the birds returned in absolutely fantastic condi- tion.’ 2nd North Centre Section, 7th Open was K Johnson of Kingsbromley on 2067 over 226 miles. Kevin said, ‘Congratulations to Nigel Shaw on winning the race and to all Section winners. Also, many thanks to the convoying team, after a two day holdover, the birds arrived home in immaculate condition. My 2nd North Centre Section, 7th Open winner is ‘Nicolette’ a Heremans-Ceusters x Van Den Bulck chequer hen raced on Widowhood. A very consistent hen with an ever-growing collection of prize cards. She already showed some form this year by winning 11th Federation

Red’, a sire to over 30 prize winners and a full brother to ‘Red Alert’ of Bob Fenech. His dam being ‘Exceptional Miss’, a dam to over 30 prize winners. This pair are also the grandparents to the 3rd BICC St Philberts winner in 2020.’ 2nd North East Section, 142nd Open, was Dave Fisher of Ipswich on 1276 over 140 miles. Dave said,’ My pigeon is a two year old mealy cock raced on Roundabout, the sire is a son of ‘Isla Rainy Day Boy’ and the dam was

year old blue white flight hen bred from our Ronnie Williamson Busschaert lines. She only had the one race in preparation from Yeovil with the Severn Valley Federation and she was our first pigeon and she was sent sitting seven days. Our birds are trained 4-5 days a week from 28 miles and flown on the Natural system. We feed Beyers corn and are using Cest Pharma supplements this year.’ 2nd South Centre Section, 8th Open was Mark Gilbert of Windsor on 2025 over 157 miles. ‘Well, that’s a nice steady start to this year’s National campaign over the Channel’ said Mark. He continued, ‘After holding all weekend the strings were finally cut on the British International Championship Club baskets at 7.25am this morning in Guernsey. With really strong southerly winds we knew that fast times were expected, and we just hoped we could get something on a decent line to keep us in the shake up. We timed a Stefaan Lambrechts Widowhood hen at 09.41 flying a velocity of 2025ypm and she was clear of our next pigeon by 11 minutes. She came back out of the north unfortunately, so we didn’t get the greatest video by the time we noticed her dropping in. This sprint hen had four training tosses and this was her first race of the season. Incidentally she was our first pigeon from the first BICC Guernsey last year and won 3rd Section, 5th Open from 3,219 birds being seven minutes clear of our next pigeon on that occa- sion. We had 48 from 56 by 3.15pm so a good setup for the next Channel race on the calendar. Of course, congratulations to Nigel Shaw for winning the race and

2nd North East Section, Dave Fisher.

bred by Joe Raeburn from a grandson of ‘Isla Rainy Day Boy’, who had flown Tarbes three times. These lines are doing well for me and others. Congratulations to the winners, with the forecast we knew it would be difficult on our side.’ The Provisional South Centre Section Winners 1st South Centre Section, 6th Open were Cowley Bros on 2072 over 154

3rd North Centre Section, Summers Bros & Daughter. Scott and his dad John.

walked up to my loft they were in boxes, what a big mistake! Two of the three are distance birds with the first being a grandson of ‘Isla Rainy Day Boy’, the second of the ‘Proof’ lines of Archibald and the third from an unknown breeder buyer of Bowskill in Gascoigne. Many thanks and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.’

2nd North Centre Section, Kevin Johnson.



2nd South West Section, Mike Hathway.

2nd South West Section, Mike Hathway.

3rd South East Section, Tony Meader.

was Tony Meader of Benfleet on 1664 over 196 miles. Tony also timed a Vandenabeele cock flown on Roundabout. His five year old cock has been consistent and always wins a few cards. Last year he flew Pau. Tony sends his congratulations to Damian and Jim. The Provisional South West Section Winners 1st South West Section, 5th Open were Owers Bros from nr Wareham on 2078 over 87 miles. Owers Bros timed a De Klak x Mark Gilbert bird gifted to them by their good friend Neville Spracklen, as a young bird. They said, ‘We would like thank to Neville and J & D Staddon for their chaos mix and Clive Harrison for trans- porting us to the marking station. And of course, congratulations to the race winner.’ 2nd South West Section, 10th Open was Mike Hathway of Hartcliffe, Bristol on 2003 over 131 miles. Mike sent two unpaired yearling hens. These hens were specially prepared for this race, being kept with this year’s young birds. They were trained in any weather and both hens had already scored this season. Bred from Mike’s own blended family they will hopefully be paired up for the longer races. 3rd South West Section, 17th Open was John Halstead of Kington Magna in North Dorset on 1974 over 103 miles. Flying yearling cocks that were well trained as youngsters but not raced, this was only their second time in a race crate, John had three return separately,

3rd South West Section, John Halstead.

all from a northerly direction in 2½ minutes. The leader was a blue Kees Bosua cock from a Fed winning son of his current number one Bosua pair mated with a daughter of ‘Rolex’, also Bosua, the Saintes National winner for Crammond & Langstaff which was purchased from Nigel and Mark Gilbert in the Autumn of 2022. Her brother had bred Mark 3rd Open and a fistful of dollars in the Thailand one loft race in 2022. John said that the returning birds were in excellent condition after their time in the basket so a big thankyou to the team looking after them. The Provisional Top Ten Open Positions: 1st Mr & Mrs N Shaw of Crewe on 2170.335, 2nd J & B Oakley of Whitchurch on 2137.790, 3rd Booth & Roper of Tewkesbury on 2091.175, 4th John Garvey of Walsall on 2079.006, 5th Owers Bros from Nr Wareham on 2078.855, 6th Cowley Bros of Cirencester on 2072.269, 7th K Johnson of Kings Bromley on 2067.630, 8th M Gilbert of Winkfield on 2025.459, 9th Shaun Saunders of Didcot on 2022.487, 10th M Hathway of Hartcliffe on 2003.610. Mike Jackson BICC Press Officer Email: Tel: 07964448291

2nd South Centre Section, Mark Gilbert.

all the other northern flyers for having a good race.’

bred last year’s 1st South East Section BICC young bird winner. 2nd South East Section, 66th Open was JM Cook of Bexleyheath on 1712 over 179 miles. Jimmy timed a three year old chequer hen Vandenabeele out of Arthur Shand’s stock. She was raced on Roundabout. 3rd South East Section, 73rd Open

3rd South Centre Section, Shaun Saunders.

3rd South Centre Section, 9th Open was Shaun Saunders of Didcot on 2022 over 155 miles. Shaun’s Section hen was a Leo Hermans based pigeon that he bred himself. The Provisional South East Section Winners 1st South East Section, 64th Open was Damian Szpak of Deptford on 1715 over 173 miles. Damian told me that his pigeon was a three year old cock half-bred to his 10th Open Grand National Tarbes bird from last year. Bred from a daughter of ‘Queen 85’ with the sire being is son of ‘Armstrong Girl’. She

1st South East Section, Damian Szpak.




sent 125 birds with the red card & 2nd places going to George Atkinson on 1478 & 1477 with a pair of three year old multi prize winning Vandenabeele. Third place went to Gary Ringrose on 1454 with a yearling Heremans-Ceusters x Louis Thijs which has won Jubilee Park. Fourth place went to Gary Ringrose on 1454 with a Louis Thijs x Leo Herman both Gary’s off Rob Mallinson birds. Wolds Flying Club 3 members sent 83 birds with the red card going to Callam Gilson & Frank Sheader on 1446 with a Woodruff x Thijs. Also 2nd, 3rd & 4th places to Callam Gilson & Frank Sheader on 1445 with a Leo Herman, on 1438 with a Lambrecht and on 1423 with a Woodruff x Thijs. Flamborough Homing Society 9 members sent 296 birds with the red card going to Premier Mill Lofts on 1449 with a Willem de Bruijn x Lambrecht topped Fed as young bird. Second place went to Premier Mill Lofts on 1445 with a Willem de Bruijn son as young bird. Third place went to Premier Mill Lofts on 1442 with a Shane Reading Willem de Bruijn. Fourth place went to Premier Mill Lofts on 1442 with a Willem de Bruijn. Bridlington DFC 3 members sent 37 birds with the red card & 4th places going to Riley Wilkinson on 1283 & 1184. Second & 3rd places went to Julie & Zoe Wilkinson on 1271 & 1233 all with their Ralph Wilkinson of Leeds birds. Holderness Flying Club 6 members sent 85 birds with the red card & 4th places going to Kenny Lister on 1304 & 1274. Second place went to Richard Newby on 1300. Third place went to Paul & Helen Johnson on 1290. Scarborough Social Club 10 members sent 259 birds with the red

card going to late John Allen Dean Ingle & Pete Midgley on 1423 with a Walter Docx which called in at Callam & Frank Sheader last week. Second place went to Dean Ingle & Pete Midgley on 1421 with a self bred Trevor Taylor Heremans-Ceusters. Third place went to Howard & Johnson on 1420 Howard & Johnson on 1192 with on bred off Mally Warrick of Cayton. Fourth place went to Howard & Johnson on 1417 with another Keith Arkless pigeon. Whitby Premier Club 9 members sent 245 birds with the red card going to Rob Mallinson on 1423 with a yearling hen off his good friends Chris Mark & Yvonne Bell off their Vandenabeele’s, thank you. Second place went to Rob Mallinson on 1422 with a yearling Van den Bulck cock off his good friend David Parker of Clitheroe, it had a 2nd as a young bird. Third place went to Rob Mallinson on 1422 with a self bred year- ling off a Alan Richardson’s Louis Thijs x Bulck x Rudy Van Reeth. Fourth place went again to Rob Mallinson on 1421 with a yearling ‘Best Kittel’ x Van den Bulck x P Boeckx off David Parker of Clitheroe. M Wood wins pools. Withernsea Homing Society 4 members sent 61 birds with the red card going to Alec & Margaret Dodson on 1116 with a French x John Rawson pigeon. Second place went to Alec & Margaret Dodson 1116 with a graham Steven Dalgleish. Third place went to Dean Adamson on 1092 with a Clive Lister. Fourth place going to Alec & Margaret Dodson on 1086 with French x Ken Anderson Sue Skelton YMR Fed Scribe

For the race from Sleaford on 27th April there were 3,575 liberated in a north east wind. Topping the Federation and the Central Section is Kevin Good of Brigg on 1524. Topping the Coastal Section is Gary Ringrose of Driffield club on 1454. Well done to everyone and another good race and decision by Gary. Central Section Brigg Flying Club 6 members sent 77 birds with the red card going to Kevin Good on 1524. Second place went to J Jacklin on 1522. Third & 4th places went to G Cooling on 1442 & 1433 Scunthorpe Foxhills Flying Club 19 members sent 374 birds with the red card & 4th places going to Martin Wilkinson on 1520 & 1501. Second place went to Barrowcliffe & Holmes on 1513. Third place went to Jason McCarthy on 1503. Barrow Homing Society 9 members sent 211 birds with the red card going to Keith Atherton on 1484 also taking 2nd, 3rd & 4th places on 1466, 1465 & 1464. North Hull Club 10 members sent 207 birds with the red card going to Richard Crawford on 1491 with a Philip Wood Gary Cox Ceusters x R Mallinson. Second place went to Steve Siddle on 1412 with a self bred J Manuell bird. Third place went to Micky Foster on 1408 with a self bred Shane Reading cock. Fourth place went to Mickie Foster on 1389 with a self bred Ronnie Nicklins. Kingston Flying Club 9 members sent 199 birds with the red card going to Mark Taylor on 1481 with a self bred Shane Reading Bulck x Ceusters now has 6x1st. Second place went to Ari Rahman on 1418 with a self bred Alan Stone stock. Third place went to Mark Taylor on 1415 with a Ceusters from G Cox x S Reading stock. Fourth place went again to Mr & Mrs Len King on 1415 with a self bred Cooreman from Paul Russell. Beverley & District Club 7 members sent 151 birds with the red card going to Philip Bolton on 1469 with a Goodyear x May yearling cock. Second place went to Philip Bolton on 1460 two year old Frank Dixon multi prize winning hen. Third place went to Philip Bolton 1459 with a yearling Kittel cock. Well done Phil. Fourth place went to Jon Leskiewicz on 1459 with a David Sara direct yearling Heremans- Ceusters cock. Hull Chalk Lane Club 9 members sent 218 birds with the red card going to George Rudd on 1459 with a Heremans- Ceusters which won 2x1st last year. Second place went to George Rudd on 1451 with a Ceusters father to the winning pigeons. Third place went to Franciosy & Bennett on 1424 with a Soontjen. Fourth place went to Franciosy & Bennett on 1422 with a Heremans- Ceusters. Hull Millennium Club 9 members sent 236 birds with the red card going to K S Marritt on 1475 with a M Dawson yearling Van den Bulck hen. Second place went to Alan Stone & Son 1443 with one from the

Guiness Factory having 3x2nds now also the pools. Third place went to Mr & Mrs D Robinson on 1429 with a Jayne Mitchell carrera Vandenabeele hen scored as young birds. Cottingham Homing Society 14 members sent 243 birds with the red card going to Mike Cooper on 1440. Second, 3rd & 4th places went to Ian Bennett & Shane Reading on 1424, 1418 & 1418. Ravenser Flying Club 10 members sent 229 birds with the red card going to Graham Rouse on 1449 with a yearling Roundabout Van den Bulck ‘Kittel’ x ‘Pitbull’ hen. Second place went to Steve Hewitt on 1442 with a four year old P & H Johnson cock won cards from every race point now in the club ‘Ravensers top class pigeon’. Third place went to John Eastburn on 1435 with a Stewart Knowles ‘Pitbull’ cock that won last week. Fourth place went to Richard Dodsley with a Kenny Lister yearling Heremans- Ceusters cock. Hessle Flying Club 6 members sent 83 birds with the red card going to S B Milburn on 1412. Second, 3rd & 4th places went to S & M Horne & Plews on 1374, 1371 and 1369. West Hull Flying Club 4 members sent 89 birds with the red card, 2nd & 3rd places went to Jamie Martindale on 1440, 1420 & 1416. Fourth place went to G Hall on 1374. Coastal Section Driffield Homing Society 7 members

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