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It’s very important to not overlook your own health and well-being while you are growing your business. After all, your most important asset is you . You need to protect you, invest in you, and ensure you are able to handle the work you set out to do. Dr. Esther Jimenez , owner of Life Spa Chiropractic & Wellness, offers her clients a holistic path toward wellness. She also is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. Her office is always bustling with clients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, the agile to the fragile. Dr. Esther shares three tips to a thriving business: 1. NETWORKING Relationships are key, and it is important to find “power partners.” A power partner is simply someone that you like and feel comfortable referring people to and receiving referrals from. Dr. Esther is active in the community, attending networking events, health care forums, entrepreneur meetings, and more to meet other health professionals and those who can help build her practice. 2. LECTURES/WORKSHOPS Dr. Esther creates and presents workshops every month in her offices that are free and open to the public. She advertises the events through Eventbrite, social media, and/or email. Educational events allow interested persons to come and

learn more in a nonthreatening environment, without pressure, to see how they would benefit from her services. 3. EVENTS AT CLIENTS’ HOMES To make the educational setting even more comfortable, Dr. Esther will travel to a client’s home and host a “tea

party” where her client and their closest family and friends can relax and learn about what she has to offer. This intimate and relaxed setting allows people to ask questions without any fear. In addition, Dr. Esther offers a free health analysis to all who participate. Dr. Esther is a great example of how education creates clients. In the course of my own networking on Long Island, I have met a number of chiropractors and wellness professionals. What has separated Dr. Esther from so many is her passion to teach and share what she knows. To learn more about Dr. Esther and her practice, please visit or call 516-868-8100.

Francine, with the incredible Carol Keil of Otto Keil Florist, picking up the spring bulbs and flowers for the lucky winner of our newsletter’s first-quarter contest! Carol, her husband Otto, and the entire Keil family have an incredible nursery here on Long Island. Our winner, Frances Ignatiou, says, “The floral arrangement is beautiful! After an especially brutal winter, seeing and smelling the flowers brightens my days.” Give them a visit!


June 8 - LIBF Women’s Lunch - ask me to attend. June 22 - Offices Closed. Keagan graduates kindergarten! July 4 - Offices Closed. Happy birthday, America! July 13 - LIBF Women’s Lunch - ask me to attend. Francine and other panelists at the LIASB’s Business Survival Program on May 16.

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