Fine Art Collector | Spring 2018

Cluster Surge by Plume

Triadic Colour SCHEME Sounds complicated. It’s not. When thinking of triadic, the first syllable is your clue (TRI as in TRI-angle). Take another look at the colour wheel – any colour combinations that can be formed by making an equilateral triangle across the wheel are, by definition, triadic. This often produces quite bold palettes, which can be great in children’s bedrooms or other lively spaces, but you can also temper them by keeping to pastels or opting for neutrals. You might also find that keeping furniture and furnishings clean and unfussy will minimise any sensory overload!

TOP TIPS Still not convinced? No problem. Start slow with some of these handy hints… On a budget? Why not upcycle an old piece of furniture by repainting it in a new shade. Fancy testing the water? Opt for a feature wall in your chosen colour, instead of painting the entire room. Want to keep things seasonal? Introduce a pop of colour through cushions or a striking rug. No dab hand at DIY? Let your art do the work for you, and choose a vibrant piece for your walls.


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