Fine Art Collector | Spring 2018



‘Tenant' eyeshadow palette and ‘Abstract’ lipstick from the Jean- Michel Basquiat collection at Urban Decay

Masters of fashion Louis Vuitton collaborated posthumously with Masters of art (including Claude Monet and J.M.W Turner) for a collection of art-themed accessories. The 2017 venture saw classic pieces recreated for a range of handbags, scarves and keyrings. But the art craze didn’t start there. In 2012, luxury makeup brand NARS released a collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol. This was followed in 2017 by Urban Decay’s collaboration with the late American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. POISONOUS PAINTS Modern art boasts an impressive palette of materials: spray paint, rubbish and crumpled bedsheets to name a few. But did you know that artists have used even stranger mediums? In the 19th century, British artist William Morris was famed for creating intricate wallpapers for middle-class families. His now-iconic patterns were beautiful…but also contained lethal levels of arsenic. After a spate of mysterious deaths, experts traced the fatalities back to Morris’ wallpaper (and presumably gave him a good pasting). Other quirks include Vincent van Gogh’s penchant for licking his lead-coated paintbrushes, and Damien Hirst’s now- infamous 2012 Tate Modern exhibition of animals suspended in formaldehyde.

Louis Sidoli, Snoop Dogg

A SKETCHY SENTENCING Under UK law, courtroom artists are not permitted to sketch during proceedings and must instead recreate scenes from memory or notes once outside. With newspapers clamouring to be the first to print or share images online, they often have just 15 minutes to scurry into the press room and recreate scenes – leading to some questionable sketches. In 2017, American courtroom artist Jeff Kandyba was mocked relentlessly on social media for his puzzling portrayal of pop star Taylor Swift. Defending himself to Fox 21 Denver, the artist retorted: “It’s hard. Some people are just much easier to draw than others.”


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