Fine Art Collector | Spring 2018


As spring breaks through the seemingly interminable winter months, we’ve already got our minds set on our next summer escapes. Whether you’re planning a city getaway or a trip overseas, these artworks are sure to inspire your next break, or serve as a souvenir of your recent adventure.

Renowned artist, Paul Kenton, is known for his striking cityscapes, which are inspired by fast-paced city living across the world. From Paris to New York and London to Dubai, Paul’s work is guaranteed to transport you to some of the best getaway destinations.

Paul Kenton Monochrome

In his latest collection, legendary artist Bob Dylan captures iconic images as he journeys through America whilst on tour. From epic cityscapes to humble roadside eateries and boundless, limitless highways, Dylan shows you everything that America has to offer.

Bob Dylan Late in the Day, Houston Street


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