Fine Art Collector | Spring 2018

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HandVarnishedCanvas onBoard Editionof150 ImageSize28"x20" FramedSize34"x26" £550Framed

� SecludedRetreat HandVarnishedCanvasonBoard Editionof150

ImageSize20"x28" FramedSize26"x34" £550Framed

“For my landscape oil paintings I work in a very traditional way. I want my work to last a very long time and so I adhere to practices that will make the paintings archival. “I make a simple sketch on paper which I grid up onto the canvas and then I go over the whole canvas with a sepia wash. This is quite an orange colour which complements the greens very well and is a fairly standard practice with landscape paintings. The orange being allowed to show through subsequent layers makes the painting come alive.

“After the orange layer I generally complete the painting in just one or two layers of oil paint. This is possible mainly due to using some of the best quality oils available. Cheaper paint requires many more layers to achieve the same coverage and intensity of colour that the more expensive paints allow in just one layer. “Everyone that is drawn to my work is drawn to it for so many different reasons. I’m just happy to paint every day and I could never have envisaged the effect that my work would have on people.”


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