Fine Art Collector | Spring 2018

collection. I like oils on metal with a little metal exposed, and this piece is all about layers. “I started with pale tones in the distance, building up to the darker tones in the foreground to create the feeling of distance and depth. “Exposed metal transforms the piece as you walk past, and the motion of both trains and vehicles moving in opposite directions adds a shifting perspective.”

“Tower Days was a ‘happy accident’. It’s all black underpainting, with oils on metal. The light was added afterwards, and I kept the style loose, as this piece is more about mood than accuracy. “I like to try new techniques – sometimes it works out and you learn something new. I like the looseness, and the angle from the beach is low so you can see the tide.

� ChasingLight TripleStrikeFlatbedPrintonAluminium Editionof195

ImageSize48"x32" FramedSize56"x40" £1,350Framed

� TowerDays TripleStrikeFlatbedPrintonAluminium Editionof195

ImageSize48"x24" FramedSize56"x32" £1,095Framed

“Chasing Light is my favourite piece from the spring 2018


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