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E nergy M anagement

By Chuck Hurchalla, Evolution Energy Partners Two essential steps to protect your Portfolio’s Energy Spend


tility expenses are the second largest ex- pense category across

equivalent energy audit at no cost or obligation to you. In addition, they should: have expertise regarding the best energy efficiency measures for your industry, be able to self-perform the installation of their solutions, and garner the maximum available utility rebates and other federal and state incentives. Spring is an optimal time to conduct an energy audit of your building – why wait to find out there’s an issue – an audit will highlight potential areas of concern to be addressed before continued on page 22A

Conduct an energy ef- ficiency audit. The heat and humidity of summer means there will be increased demand on your building’s systems. Engaging an experienced en- ergy engineering partner to conduct a thorough energy au- dit – including lighting, HVAC, mechanical and refrigeration loads – provides you with de- tailed recommendations and costs to permanently reduce your energy consumption and related operating costs. The right energy engineering partner will be able to provide a detailed ASHRAE Level 2

all building types in the commercial sector. En- ergy prices peak during the summer months and the majority of buildings

Chuck Hurchalla

experience their highest energy consumption at the same time. The chart to the right shows the monthly electricity usage of a 1,450,000 s/f mixed-use high- rise commercial property. The electrical consumption trend- line is typical of most building types. Lowest usage is seen in March with 1,120,000 kWh and highest usage is in August at 2,028,000 kWh - an over 80% increase compared to March. The combination of volatile prices and increased usage can wreak havoc on your summer energy spend if you are not pre- pared. Spring is a great time to plan out a comprehensive en- ergy strategy that protects you from the unavoidable spikes in costs during the summer. It’s also a great time to develop a long-term plan that will offer savings for years to come. To get your building sum- mer-ready: Take advantage of fa- vorable energy markets. Shopping for your building’s energy supply is a smart way to identify savings opportunities over your utility. With growing numbers of suppliers, it may become difficult to get an equal comparison of their pricing terms and contract language. Using an energy partner will allow you to receive the best pricing options on your energy supply – providing equal com- parison for multiple suppliers. A good energy partner will also watch the markets and provide recommendations on when markets pose the great- est benefit to your bottom line. Spring energy markets pro- vide an opportunity for you to lock-in energy supply savings before the heat of summer ar- rives. It is also a time to plan for the long-term – as you can shop now for future years dur- ing the typically lower costs of spring. A superior supply plan is looking for opportuni- ties three to five years out. It’s never too early to buy ahead, even if you signed a contract within the past six months.

Monthly electricity usage of a 1,450,000 s/f mixed-use high-rise commercial property


ENERGY PROCUREMENT Let us take the work out of evaluating the pricing, contract terms, and language of multiple suppliers. - Electricity & natural gas - Straightforward procurement process - Price transparency - Some of the lowest fees in industry - Provide market insights to time purchases effectively ENERGY AUDIT & ENGINEERING Do you have a property that is using more energy than needed?We can help with a comprehensive audit that will provide long-term savings. - Complimentary energy audits - Initiatives focus on positive cash flow - Recommend & implement solutions - No up-front capital required on projects - Permanently reduce energy consumption & spend

Our leadership team has over 80 years experience in the energy industry and are recognized as experts in their field. Throughout their careers, they have helped hundreds of clients save millions on their energy spend. For more information, please contact:

CHUCK HURCHALLA President 610-329-8288 CHurchalla@evolutionep.com

VANESSA STRAUSSER VP, Procurement 484-560-2574 VStrausser@evolutionep.com

ROB HOLDSWORTH VP, Engineering 908-500-1643 RHoldsworth@evolutionep.com

ANDY BAKEY VP, Business Development 609-217-3407 ABakey@evolutionep.com


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