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$1,312,000 $1,455,000 $6,500,000 10-Unit Multifamily Refinance 56-Unit Multifamily Refinance 10 Mixed-use Condos Construction Loan Philadelphia, PA Valdosta, GA Wyndmoor, PA 75% LTV, 7/30, 4.75% 75% LTV, 5 Years, Interest Only, LIBOR + 4.5% 75% LTV, 24 Months, Interest Only, 5.5%

Real Property Capital is a Philadelphia based full service commercial mortgage banking firm with a regional focus and national capabilities. Our business model emphasizes client satisfaction through a high-touch, analytical approach that distinguishes us from the competition. Learn more about our distinct approach and proven track record of success at www.realpropertycapital.com . FOR MORE INFORMATION: R. Brenner Green, President 303 Harry Street • Conshohocken, PA 19072 • 610-456-9644 • bgreen@realpropertycapital.com

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