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ew York, NY — Battery Park City Au- thority (BPCA), CTA Project renders Irish Hunger Memorial impervious to weather for years to come BPCA, CTA Architects, The LiRo Group, and Nicholson&Galloway complete $5.3Mrenovation N this poignant tribute to the unbreakable human spirit,” said the Battery Park City Authority.

devoted to honor the Great Irish Hunger and Migration of 1845-1852, while encouraging viewers to contemplate present- day hunger worldwide. Over the years, it had succumbed to water infiltration from above and subsequent water damage. “The Irish Hunger Memo- rial was first dedicated over 15 years ago; it has now re-opened to stand for coming generations as a place of reflection and remembrance. And just as America has long welcomed immigrants from Ireland and beyond, we’re pleased to once again welcome Battery Park City visitors to experience

scaping and an Irish Famine- era stone cottage were located. Upon inspection, it was found that leaks were going into the electrical space underneath the Memorial where the glass display cases panels and lights were installed. A remediation project that waterproofed a portion of the Memorial the following year failed to stem the seepage. The leaks led to efflorescence staining of the glass display panels and discoloration of the partially cantilevered slab underneath and the skirt of the slab. Some of the limestone base cladding panels had also been stained. BPCA subsequently hired CTA, which recommended a comprehensive technical solu- tion that would address the leaks and render the Memorial impervious to weather for many years to come. “Our team rec- ommended carefully removing the landscaping surrounding field-stone masonry walls and portions of the cottage, remov- ing the previously applied and ineffective waterproofing sys- tem, performing limited slab repairs and patching, recon- figuration of and reinforcement of the concealed core walls and substrates and then installing a waterproofing membrane, and then assembling the ele- ments of the monument back together,” said CTA’s associate and project manager for the Memorial, Frank Scanlon, AIA . Work began in August 2016, with Tolle approving all finishes and technical solu- tions. Meticulous Work “At the start of the renova- tion, the project team per- formed a photographic survey of every inch of every element of the Memorial. All elements, including every single stone, were numbered and then re- moved, catalogued, and stored in containers on site during the renovation. This ensured that the team put each piece back in its correct place and position,” said LiRo vice president and senior project manager Frank Franco, AIA . Similarly, the team stripped the soil from the site, and saved it for reuse. Prior to the commencement of the work, to ensure the safety of passersby, construction crews built a protective fence around the perimeter of the Memorial, as it is in a busy section of Bat- tery Park City. As the main waterproofing continued on page 22B

Architects, PC , construction manager The LiRo Group , and contractor Nicholson & Galloway, Inc. have complet- ed the $5.3 million renovation and waterproofing of the Irish Hunger Memorial. The project restored the monument to its former magnificence, while rendering it significantly less susceptible to damage from weather for years to come. The Memorial, designed by sculptor and public artist Brian Tolle, originally opened in 2002. It is a contemplative space

The project team also in- cluded landscape consultant and architect SiteWorks ; me- chanical, electrical, and plumb- ing (M/E/P) engineer Collado Engineering, P.C. ; and struc- tural engineer GACEConsult- ing Engineers . Deteriorating Conditions and CTA’s Solutions Soon after the Memorial was first opened to the public, BPCA noticed cracking and a leak from the cantilevered slab where the monument’s land-

Photo by Edward Menashy

Irish Hunger Memorial

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